Students Will Get More Access to Internet for School Research

Article excerpt

Some parents of students in the Grandview School District wonder whether their computer-savvy children will have access to the school computers to conduct research on the Internet.

Rebecca Schlomberg, parent and board member, has been driving her dau ghter, a high school senior, and son, a sophomore, to Jefferson County Community College at Hillsboro to use the computers there.

But Kathy Bellew, who headed Grandview's computer policy committee, said that might not be necessary now because of a new Internet policy. The district has 85 computers and has offered basic-instruction classes to students in kindergarten through high school. The 32 computers in the high school's technology lab with Internet access also were used to conduct evening classes for parents and other residents in basic computer instruction. The tech-lab computers are in use by students during five computer keyboarding classes but could be available when no class is in session. Two English Department writing rooms have three computers each, and a computer in the library is available to students. "They should be able to get on a computer just by asking the teacher to coordinate the computer's free time with their own free time," Bellew said. …


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