Hannibal Man Rewrites the Entire Bible in Verse

Article excerpt

Bernard Williams recently finished rewriting the entire Bible in rhyme - a feat one local publisher believes is a historic accomplishment.

The publisher, Jim Hefley, believes someday Hannibal will be known not only as Mark Twain's hometown but also as "the home of Bernard Williams, the man who rhymed the Bible for the first time."

"I have asked people and asked people and checked in libraries and archives," Hefley said. "I found the Psalms have been rhymed by somebody in England, but not the whole Bible." Williams, 77, says he doesn't care if his rhyming Bible makes history. He did it because he enjoyed it, he said, even though it required two or three hours daily for 12 or 13 years. He did the New Testament first, and two of his books o have been published by Hefley's company, Hannibal Books. He used the King James version of the Bible along with an early American Standard version, so he would not have copyright problems. If it is published, he said, his introduction to his readers will be "May God bless you as you read His Word. …


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