Libertarian Attacks `Misinformation' in Environmental Policy

Article excerpt

The public is "being bombarded with misinformation" about environmental dangers, the Missouri Libertarian Party's convention was told Saturday.

Edmund Contoski, an author of books attacking government regulation and a former chair of the Libertarian Party in Minnesota, said the federal government has withheld information contradicting its environmental policy.

He added that the news media are helping the government because they are "more interested in sensational stories rather than accurate ones and in advocacy journalism for what they believe to be good causes." Contoski and Richard Nadler of Kansas City, former chair of the Missouri Taxpayer's Watchdog Association, spoke at the Stratford Inn in Fenton, where the Libertarians will end their convention Sunday. About 40 people attended. Contoski attacked government policy on acid rain, automobile emissions and the effect of chlorofluorocarbons, also known as CFCs, on the ozone layer. He also criticized the theory of global warming. He said there is no evidence that the ozone layer in the stratosphere, which protects people from the sun's radiation, has been depleted. "There is more today than 35 years ago," he said. But he said billions of dollars are being spent because CFCs are being banned from refrigerants on grounds that they are reaching the ozone and destroying it. Less developed nations could be harmed by a lack of substitute refrigeration methods, he said. …


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