Hillary Rodham Clinton Cleared by One Grand Jury, CBS Reports

Article excerpt

Hillary Rodham Clinton has been cleared by the grand jury that questioned her for more than four hours last year on Whitewater-related matters, CBS News reported Wednesday.

The network quoted an unidentified source close to the grand jury as saying, "I'm not sure what's going on in Arkansas, but I give you my word, there is no indictment of her here in Washington."

Special prosecutor Kenneth Starr convened two grand juries to investigate the Whitewater affair, a complex web of Arkansas business dea ls involving the Clintons and allegations of a cover-up at the White House. The Washington grand jury met for 18 months and dealt with questions of possible Whitewater-related wrongdoing, along with other issues, by the Clintons after they moved into the White House in January 1993. The Little Rock grand jury is examining the original Whitewater land deal in 1978 - and subsequent events in Arkansas - in which the Clintons were partners with James and Susan McDougal. Although their investment lost money, questions have arisen about whether money for the project and for Bill Clinton's gubernatorial campaign were siphoned from the failed Madison Savings and Loan Association, which James McDougal also ran. Neither of the Clintons has been accused of wrongdoing in Starr's long-running investigation. Hillary Clinton was summoned before the Washington grand jury in January 1996 to answer questions about the mysterious appearance in the White House family quarters of legal billing records sought for two years by Whitewater investigators. …


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