Strengthen Forearm Muscles to Ward off Tennis Elbow

Article excerpt

Q: Every year I get tennis elbow. What can I do to prevent the pain?

A: Strengthen your forearm muscles.

Get a lightweight dumbbell, 3 pounds maximum. While seated, rest your forearms on your thighs. Hold onto the dumbbell with your hand, knuckles up. Your hands should be hanging freely, not supported by your thighs. Bend your wrist slowly up and down eight times in a row. Then reverse your grip, holding the dumbbell with your knuckles down. Go for another eight bends of the wrist. As you gain strength, increase the dumbbell weight. There are many more preventive steps you should take. They are best left to a tennis pro, who can teach you proper stroke technique. Here are a few: Use a comfortable grip. Try to hit the ball well in front of you. Don't bend your elbow when you hit a backhand shot. With a few intensive instruction sessions and with greater forearm strength, tennis elbow need not be a perennial scourge. Q: Please go into depth about blood in the urine from exercise. This happened to me about a year ago. Numerous tests could not find the reason. I remember that I overexerted myself doing aerobics and later that night my back hurt. The next morning I had quite a bit of blood in my urine. …


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