No Health Exception for Infanticide

Article excerpt

The outcome of the veto override on the partial-birth abortion ban in the Senate on Sept. 10 did not discourage Missouri Right to Life. Our members are never defeated; we are only delayed.

Gov. Mel Carnahan's reaction to this vote is gratifying. It appears that he has abandoned his flimsy claim that Missouri law already outlaws this hideous procedure. He is now copying what Gov. Christine Todd Whitman of New Jersey and Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle did in their respective jurisdictions. They offered phony compromise legislation. These phony compromises would apply only post-viability, which means that almost none of the partial-birth abortions in the real world would be affected. And they would supply health exceptions for creative abortionists to exploit.

We stand fully behind the statement of Sen. Peter Kinder, R-Cape Girardeau, that "there can be no health exception for infanticide." In February, before a hearing in the House Criminal Law Committee on the House bills on partial-birth abortions, the three sponsors of the bills and other pro-life legislators met with lobbyists from Missouri Right to Life, Missouri Catholic Conference and Campaign life Missouri. Health exceptions were discussed. The group's consensus was that no health exception could be written that would work. It resolved that a joint House bill should have language that provided an exception only to "prevent the death of the mother." A rough draft of a joint bill containing the language was circulated. In mid-March, the committee adopted a much wider, pro-abortion exception. The success of SB275, which did not contain a health exception, made any further work on the joint House bill moot. …


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