Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Job Satisfaction

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Job Satisfaction

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WOULDN'T you agree that the second most important thing to having a job is being happy in your job? In fact, job satisfaction is so beneficial to the employee and the employer that more and more companies are making special efforts to help employees feel good about their work.

What makes us happy on the job? Good surroundings, nice people to work with, a good salary, interesting work?

Each of us could probably make a long list of what we think an ideal job should be like, but often people who are really happy at their jobs are not necessarily working in ideal conditions. Their happiness seems more related to how they approach their work than to the conditions of the work itself.

If it is inner qualities rather than external circumstances that give a person job satisfaction, then anyone has the opportunity to improve his working environment. The values you and I bring to our jobs -- rather than the size of the office we are in, the mood of the people around us, or even the tasks we do -- make the difference between our satisfaction or dissatisfaction. For example, a spirit of cooperation or a willingness to learn can contribute a lot to job satisfaction. Any quality that is related to love -- helpfulness, generosity, dedication, tolerance, friendship -- makes a job more satisfying.

Why is this? The life of Christ Jesus would suggest it is because our real job is to express spiritual good in all that we do. Jesus talked about his own work in terms like this: "My meat is to do the will of him that sent me"1 and "I am among you as he that serveth."2 Jesus' purpose and satisfaction came from obeying his creator, God, divine Love.

We each have a relationship to God that gives our activities significance, and, in that respect, our goal for our own work is similar to what Jesus said of his mission. …

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