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Iraq is wooing world opinion with moves to release more than 1,000 foreigners, some of whom rioted in captivity to protest beatings and bad food. Iraq released 14 Americans and 38 Britons Oct. 23.... Bettino Craxi, the UN secretary-general's special representative on debt, recommended Oct. 23 a debt moratorium for countries most affected by the Persian Gulf crisis. Craxi said the increase in interest rates and the tightening of world liquidity would hit all developing countries.... Saudi Arabian King Fahd insisted that the kingdom's stand against Iraq's invasion of Kuwait remains unchanged. The Saudi Press Agency said the monarch was commenting Oct. 23 on media reports suggesting the kingdom might be shifting its position.... The Israeli Army barred the 1.75 million Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip from entering Israel Oct. 24 in an attempt to halt a wave of violence between Arabs and Jews. Two Arabs were killed Oct. 23 and four Jews were wounded by Palestinian assailants during a third day of spreading ethnic violence. UNITED STATES

The Senate killed Oct. 23 a proposal that would have cut $100 million from the construction of logging roads in national forests and used half the savings to reduce the federal budget deficit. Western Republicans argued that the Fowler amendment would cost more money than it was designed to save by forcing the Forest Service to curtail timber sales.... The Senate also defeated a proposal Oct. 23 that would have changed the Endangered Species Act and jump-started the process to lift logging restrictions in the Pacific Northwest aimed at protecting the northern spotted owl. …


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