Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Put out That Fire!

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Put out That Fire!

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A FRIEND told me that she was sitting at the counter in a restaurant eating a sandwich, when suddenly the grill in the kitchen caught fire. The young chef in charge didn't know what to do. My friend shouted to him, "Take the box of salt that's there and throw the salt on the flames to smother them." She spoke with authority because she had seen this work before. The salt extinguished the flames, and the grill wasn't damaged. My friend was so sure of the result, she never missed a bite!

Conviction and authority based on solid experience can defuse potentially dangerous situations and bring them under control.

In the New Testament of the Bible, Matthew's Gospel records that Christ Jesus said to his disciples, "Ye are the salt of the earth." Many of them were fishermen, so they would know that salt is used as a preservative for food. It is also of course a seasoning that can add zest and life to a meal.

The Master was using salt as a symbol. His disciples were to act as that which both preserves and brings out the good in society. They were to act with the authority of Christ to destroy whatever opposes God, divine Spirit.

Genuine disciples of Christ will always have a distinctive piquancy or savor of their own. Jesus' instruction to his followers on this point is explained more fully in Mark's Gospel: "Have salt in yourselves, and have peace one with another." It is obvious that unless we have the salt of Christ, Truth, first in ourselves, we will not be at peace with others. When we begin to identify ourselves as God's children rather than as warring mortals, we realize that we actually belong to one universal family. We learn to live in peace under the authority of our Father.

A woman I know was able to be a peacekeeper in a family situation where bitter disagreements had flared up over some family possessions. This woman, who is a Christian Scientist, prayed. …

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