Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

El Salvador's Cristiani Deserves Praise - and Backing

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

El Salvador's Cristiani Deserves Praise - and Backing

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TWO years ago, Congress and the media were wringing their hands over a "catastrophic" setback to prospects for democracy and peace in El Salvador. The cause of their gloom was the election of Alfredo Cristiani, the presidential nominee of the National Republic Alliance (ARENA) - a party associated in the minds of many with right-wing death squads and wealthy landowners.

Washington was filled with dire predictions: Proposed land reforms would be canceled; the military would be unleashed to conduct a dirty war against leftists guerrillas; wanton killing of innocent peasants would escalate. These predictions were all wrong.

I was asked by President Bush to go to El Salvador as head of the United States delegation to President Cristiani's inauguration June 1, 1989. In his inaugural address, he pledged to solidify El Salvador's democracy, enhance land reform, bring about an economic turnaround through free enterprise, and seek peace through direct negotiations with the leftist FMLN guerrillas. We were not certain he could deliver on such promises in a country divided by a decade of civil war.

Two years later, he has succeeded to a degree I did not think possible. Look at the economy. By cutting state intervention in order to free private initiative, agricultural production and exports reversed their slide to bring about the highest overall economic growth since 1979. Cristiani has set the stage to improve prospects for the most impoverished Salvadorans.

Look at Salvadoran democracy. For the March 10 National Assembly elections, Cristiani increased the number of Assembly seats from 60 to 84, opening the way for leftist parties regarded as the political wing of the FMLN to win nine seats with 15 percent of the total vote. This should effectively take away the argument of hardline guerrilla leaders that the democratic route to reform is closed to them.

Cristiani also committed his government to the peace process by asking the United Nations to mediate peace talks. April negotiations with the FMLN laid the constitutional foundation for a hoped-for truce. …

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