Support for Margaret Thatcher

Article excerpt

My hat is off to "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher, as she is described in the article "Thatcher Doffs Gloves on Europe," Nov. 25. Like Maggie, I too am extremely wary about a United Europe.

The European Community, which could soon have its powerful central bank and common currency, is simply a political union, which could, and very likely will, impinge on individual nations' sovereignty. In the Battle of Britain's darkest days, Churchill stood firm and steadfast against the Nazi bombers' onslaught. Now, former Prime Minister Thatcher stands nearly alone, firm and steadfast against the more sinister aspects of a United Europe and fighting for British sovereignty.

I hope I am proven wrong, but given Europe's inherent cultural and language barriers, the propensity of an unscrupulous central bank to manipulate its economy, and Europe's historical political "unifications," I believe that a socialist United Europe, now with a united Germany in its fold, could all too easily attempt to establish political tyranny. Timothy J. Johnson, DeKalb, Ill. The big geography picture

Despite its good intentions, the editorial "Where in the World Is ...?," Dec. 2, sustains the unfortunate notion that geography is memorizing facts about places. Geography involves much more than specific places, just as history involves much more than specific dates. Geography asks "Where is something located?" but more importantly it asks "Why is it located there? …


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