Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Will There Be a Civil War in South Africa?

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Will There Be a Civil War in South Africa?

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In the Opinion page article "De Klerk Will Win His Gamble," March 12, the author was right in predicting a "yes" vote, but the problem the South African government must deal with now is right-wing white extremism. I see a right-wing white revolution rather than a black one.

The Afrikaners who make up most of the Conservative Party are a stubborn people. Their ancestors have been fighting black tribesmen since the 16th century. They are generally racists and would most likely not accept rule by what they consider inferior blacks.

The Afrikaners also fear the communist leanings of the African National Congress. Many believe that black rule would threaten Christianity. Many people who might not have fought for racist reasons could possibly fight for religious ones. Van Lawson, Sheffield, Ala. True protectionism

The Opinion page article and chart "Protectionism Versus Free Trade," Feb. 28, attempts to show current feelings of Americans regarding the purchase of American-made goods as opposed to imports of foreign goods.

This article upholds current stereotypes. What exactly is an American-made product? In this day of global communication and trade, few so-called American-made goods are actually produced in the United States by American workers.

If Americans really want to support American workers, shouldn't we purchase goods actually produced in this country by American workers? Jennifer Pierce, Coleen Fox, Eugene, Ore., Values are found on TV

Regarding the Opinion page article "Can Religion Get a Fair Hearing on Prime-Time TV? …

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