World Thought and Individual Thinking

Article excerpt

HOW much does what we think mirror the opinions and estimations currently held by those around us? New concepts are constantly coming over the world's mental horizon, and often these views are accepted as accurate without our even giving them a second thought. The fact is, however, many prevalent attitudes need careful examination if we are to avoid the pitfalls of accepting society's sometimes limited--even detrimental--thought patterns. Humanity's concepts and attitudes are many times based only on opinion and conjecture. When we simply parrot these prevailing opinions, we may end up suffering as the result.

Doesn't there exist, then, a relationship between what we hold in thought and what we experience? This means that by changing our thought--by changing our tendency to adopt uncritically the world's opinions--we can, in fact, change our experience. To do this, what we are thinking needs to be aligned with and receive its impetus from God. When we are willing to embrace thinking that is grounded on genuine views of God and man, views which are actually God- originated, we see that man--who is in reality God's image, or idea--is wholly God-governed. And this truth is the basis for happiness and health in our lives.

Wrong thinking (what Christian Science terms mortal mind or mortal error) has no genuine source or power--it is a self-constituted lie widely consented to. We have the right to reject such false belief on the basis of our understanding of the one divine source of true thought--God, divine Mind. Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures brings light to this subject. In it the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, writes, "Mortal mind is constantly producing on mortal body the results of false opinions; and it will continue to do so, until mortal error is deprived of its imaginary powers by Truth, which sweeps away the gossamer web of mortal illusion. …


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