New York Chooses Representative Liberal State Legislator to Fill House Seat Held by Late Ted Weiss

Article excerpt

FOR years, state Assemblyman Jerrold Nadler has wanted to do something about New York City's gridlocked streets. However, even the city has ignored his ideas.

Now that may change: New York County Democrats have chosen Mr. Nadler to succeed Rep. Ted Weiss, who passed on earlier this month. Nadler begins by finishing Representative Weiss's term. Since the district has a 6 to 1 Democratic voting margin, Nadler's own election is virtually certain.

Nadler is a strong liberal, as was Weiss. He begins a list of his priorities with the phrase "social justice." He says his other priorities in Congress will be ensuring a woman's right to choose abortion, the shift "from a military economy to a peacetime economy," and federal laws against domestic violence.

Nadler's liberal bias fits in with his constituency - the west side of Manhattan extending through parts of Brooklyn to Brighton Beach. It is an area that is home to political activists, homosexuals, ex-hippies working on Wall Street, artists, old Irish clans and Russian Jewish immigrants.

This aggregation turned out to elect Nadler in a demonstration of democracy, New York-style. Homosexuals turned out to support City Councilwoman Ronnie Eldridge, who said "It's time to stop sending men to Congress." Bella Abzug, who used to represent the district, showed up in a bright red hat and suit. "I'm not the Pepsi generation, I'm the real thing," she said. …


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