Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Bosnian Cease-Fire Falters but UN Steps Up Aid

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Bosnian Cease-Fire Falters but UN Steps Up Aid

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Bosnian Cease-Fire Falters But UN Steps Up Aid

MORTAR and artillery rounds punctured a cease-fire in Sarajevo yesterday that was supposed to provide safety for United Nations-sponsored crews repairing electric lines and other utilities.

In UN-controlled eastern Croatia, Serb forces arrested five Belgian UN policemen and accused them of patrolling the area without permission, the official Serb Iskra news agency reported Wednesday. UN peacekeepers have a mandate to patrol that area. Serb officials claimed the Belgian policemen tried to destroy some equipment after they had been discovered, leading the Serbs to believe the Belgians had been spying. The incident occurred in Petrovac, but the Serbs did not say when.

A UN spokesman, Maj. Jose Gallegos, said 14 mortar and artillery rounds landed on Serb-held areas of Sarajevo and 185 rounds on areas held by Bosnian government forces.

In Sarajevo, Mr. Gallegos also said agreement had been reached Tuesday to open a humanitarian aid convoy to Bihac, which hopefully would begin tomorrow.

An aid convoy, carrying about 120 metric tons to Gorazde, 50 kilometers (30 miles) southeast of Sarajevo, was stopped near Rogatica on Tuesday.

But Larry Hollingworth, representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, said he expected it would get into Gorazde late Wednesday because of a new directive from Serbs clearing the way for convoys to eastern Bosnia. Closing Sanctions Gap

Bulgaria and Romania called on the United Nations to station missions in the ports of all countries on the lower Danube to monitor the implementation of UN sanctions against rump Yugoslavia, officials said yesterday.

The two countries held talks in Sofia, Bulgaria, on Tuesday to coordinate implementation of UN sanctions and agreed to make a joint appeal to the UN for the stationing of UN missions on the lower stretches of the Danube. …

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