Europeans to Enforce Trade Ban on Yugoslavia

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Europeans to Enforce Trade Ban on Yugoslavia

THE Western European Union (WEU) agreed yesterday to send patrol boats and hundreds of police and customs officers to the Danube River to enforce the United Nations trade ban against Yugoslavia.

The UN sanctions were imposed against rump Yugoslavia, which consists of Serbia and Montenegro, for fomenting war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Officials say they expect the WEU patrol boats to be in place within a month.

Secretary-General Willem van Eekelen said the Western European Union will send eight to 10 fast patrol boats and up to 300 police and customs officers to stop and search ships suspected of violating the sanctions.

Italy, Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg will take part in the operation. The WEU is a defense organization that includes all European Community states except Denmark and Ireland. Germany Polices Borders

Border police began deploying an auxiliary force of 1,600 along Germany's eastern and southeastern frontiers yesterday to help combat a flood of illegal immigrants that new laws and regulations have failed to stem.

Last year, 310,000 migrants entered Germany illegally, 80 percent of them originating from Romania and Bulgaria, according to Diethelm Brucker, head of the frontier police in east Germany.

Nine percent of the total immediately applied for asylum, benefiting from liberal German laws that provide them with housing and spending money while their asylum request is being considered. …


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