Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

That's Entertainment?

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

That's Entertainment?

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After years of escalating violence on television - and growing public complaints about that violence - the four networks will no longer be able to shrug their corporate shoulders and get away with simply saying, "That's entertainment."

Possibly as early as next fall, ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox will provide parental advisories before a program begins, warning about excessive violence to come.

These advisories will also appear in television promotions.

The networks' voluntary agreement keeps them one step ahead of Congress, which is considering imposing a federal system for rating TV violence. And while this special coding serves as a welcome first step in limiting children's exposure to excessive depictions of murder and mayhem, it is only that: a very modest, insufficient beginning. It also raises questions: How much blood, how many bodies, how many smoking guns and battering fists will it take for a particular program to qualify for a warning label?

In the same way that even "R" movie ratings have not kept the under-17 crowd out of theaters showing those films, brief messages flashed on the television screen will not prevent some young viewers from watching. …

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