Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

The Cycle of Good

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

The Cycle of Good

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TTHERE'S been a lot of news coverage lately about battered women who kill their abusers and are sent to jail. The causes for such actions are often attributed to a "cycle of abuse." But mustn't there be a way to stop these cycles of abuse before they reach such violent conclusions?

When we're searching to resolve difficulties, prayer leads us to a clearer understanding of God that can be the basis for needed healing. This understanding shows us that we're actually subject only to God's power--to the cycle of good. Good is sustained by God because God is all-powerful. His power acts upon our lives when we turn to Him for guidance and healing. His goodness eliminates all that is unlike Himself, and thus obliterates evil in our experience.

Such a change may not happen all at once, but prayer helps us begin to see God's ability to uphold His child, who is wholly spiritual, under all circumstances. God watches over and cares for His child--you and me--uninterruptedly. We can confidently turn to God and trust His power.

Prayer not only dispels hatred, violence, anger, but it also prevents them. God's law doesn't permit evil to be acted out in recurring cycles. Because God is good, His laws are good. And His laws are all-powerful, ever present. Through prayer we can call for the enforcement of divine law in our experience.

Our innate goodness and ability to do and be good are ours by reflection from God. Because God is good, His creation man must be good also. This spiritual understanding gives us the courage to follow God's commands and to yield to His control. Yielding to God through heartfelt prayer and desire to be only in His harmonious presence, however, doesn't leave us vulnerable to abuse. Instead we find ourselves defended by God, good.

Mary Baker Eddy, the Founder of the Church of Christ, Scientist, makes clear God's control over His creation. …

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