Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

GATT Is a Threat to US Sovereignty

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

GATT Is a Threat to US Sovereignty

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THE author of the opinion-page article "Why Americans Can't Afford to Pull Back Now on GATT," Nov. 28, omits important aspects of the new GATT and its undemocratic World Trade Organization (WTO).

Contrary to the author's defense, GATT is not "purely an economic arrangement." Under GATT, bans on products of child labor, environmental degredation, and animal suffering are relegated to the status of "technical barriers to free trade" and can be destroyed by GATT.

Although GATT will not empower a WTO police, to ensure national compliance with international trade rules, it does establish a system where parties can unilaterally or en bloc impose retaliatory sanctions against an "offending" country.

Must we accept a global trade scheme in which the US is forced to defend wise legislation enacted with popular public support against foregin-vested interests? Must we then pay fines or endure sanctions should such a defense fail? These are vital questions to ask when assessing the WTO; the answers point to the very reason why the new GATT is a threat to our sovereignty and should be rejected. Adam M. Roberts Washington Ecosystem needs rebalancing

The article "Deer, The Bane of Suburban Lawns," Nov. 9, misses the point. Protecting the lives of individual deer is sweet and kind, in a shortsighted sort of way. But it ignores the fact that excess deer populations are massively changing the entire ecosystems in which they live.

The article mentioned Fox Chapel, Pa. The deer there became a headline issue when they destroyed tens of thousands of trillium plants along the Trillium Trail. Deer have destroyed the regeneration stock for both trees and understory plants over thousands and thousands of acres. …

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