The Unsettling 'Asian Values' of Singapore's 'Confucius' the Authoritarian Views of Lee Kwan Yew Went Too Far When Singapore Hung a Filipina Maid -- Thus Undercutting Southeast Asia's Cohesion

Article excerpt

The ongoing tussle between Singapore and the Philippines over the hanging of a Filipina maid has exposed deepening rifts in the societal values and political systems of the six-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). How the Singapore-Philippines row is resolved has real implications for the future unity of ASEAN.

On the surface, the controversy over Flor Contemplacion's execution does not appear extraordinary. Singapore's rigid and austere criminal system is famous for fining gum chewers, caning juvenile delinquents, and putting drug traffickers on death row.

Hence, the capital punishment handed down by Singaporean authorities for Ms. Contemplacion's murder of a fellow Filipina maid should be no surprise. But the haste and the judicial process by which her death sentence was reached reveals a growing incompatibility between Singapore and its ASEAN neighbors.

An emphasis on order

Led by Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew, himself practically the self-appointed reincarnation of Confucius, Singaporeans have become spokesmen for the so-called "Asian values."

While chastising American versions of liberal democracy, individual freedom, and human rights, the Singaporeans have emphasized order, stability, consensus, discipline, filial loyalty, and deference to authority as vital ingredients for the economic success of East Asia.

But East Asia is changing. It confronts a host of challenges spawned by economic dynamism. Singapore has refused to permit the forces of change to manifest and jell with the existing order. Instead, it has been fighting back using "Asian values" as instruments for regime maintenance.

Singapore's crusade to repel Western culture seepage was easy when directed against the West. But the Contemplacion case pits authoritarian Singapore against a liberal democratic Philippines -- a neighbor and fellow ASEAN member.

Naturally, Filipinos nationwide are outraged by the summary execution of Contemplacion, without a due process of law to consider new evidence. Under the guise of order and discipline, Singaporean officials did not budge one inch to Philippines President Fidel Ramos's plea for a delay in the hanging. …


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