Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

'Untouchable' Filipinos Hear Gavel of Justice

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

'Untouchable' Filipinos Hear Gavel of Justice

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IN the Philippines, where the lifestyles of the rich and powerful often mean never a worry about legalities, the short arm of the law is getting longer.

The conviction this week of Ferdinand Marcos Jr., son of the the late Philippine dictator, for tax evasion sent a message to upper class Filipinos that the wheels of justice turn equally for all.

The court sentenced Mr. Marcos, popularly known as "Bongbong," to nine years in prison for evading taxes assessed at $333 from income earned when he was governor of his home province.

He joins a growing list of prominent Filipinos being clapped in jail. Time was when many rich people could get away with murder, literally. They escaped punishment through connivance with the police, courts, and politicians who exerted influence.

Observers see the trend in a more rigorous pursuit of justice arising from the return of democracy in 1986 after the ouster of the late Marcos. Citizens are now more alert to unlawfulness, the press more vigilant, and judges more independent. Also, President Fidel Ramos and his predecessor, Corazon Aquino, projected an image of uncorruptibility.

Recent additions to the Philippines rogues gallery include a municipal mayor of Manila and movie star Robin Padilla. A court also sentenced a senior police superintendent to prison for life for kidnapping a Taiwanese businessman for ransom.

Another "untouchable," politician Antonio Sanchez, ended his decades-long reign over a province when a court sentence him to seven life terms for the brutal rape and murder of two college students. Also, Claudio Teehankee Jr., son of former chief justice of the Supreme Court, was sentenced to life after he shot dead two people for no apparent reason.

And then there is Imelda Marcos, famous widow of the late dictator, who is out on bail while appealing a 24-year jail sentence for graft. …

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