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Set Caged Ukrainian Dolphins Free The front-page article "Dolphins of War Seek New Jobs and Cleaner Waters," Sept. 6, was unaccountably one-sided. It fails to adequately question the appropriateness or humaneness of maintaining Ukrainian military dolphins in captivity now that the "might - and money" are lacking for their proper care. It is certainly true that "the Black Sea is getting dirtier all the time," so it is imperative for governments and citizens to do everything possible to halt the degradation, and to restore and protect this natural dolphin habitat. The proper response for the Ukrainian Navy to the lack of funds for dolphin care would be to begin a rehabilitation program and return the dolphins to the wild, especially those most recently caught and still "unused to confinement and frozen fish." Domesticating them is not realistic nor in the best interests of these wide-ranging, socially complex mammals. The "dolphins of war" need to be saved, but as free and wild animals in protected natural habitat, not as captive, marginal workers in polluted cages. Naomi A. RoseWashington Marine Mammal Scientist The Humane Society of the US USAID furthers global interests While I agree with the editorial "Organizing Foreign Policy," Sept. 7, I would like to clarify some misconceptions about the United States Agency for International Development that the editorial perpetuates. The Clinton administration has worked hard to maximize results with a foreign assistance budget that has been cut more than 40 percent since the Reagan administration. For the first time in the history of the US foreign assistance program, we are getting out of countries - dozens so far. In addition, AID has streamlined its design and procurement processes with new systems that are serving as a model for other agencies, eliminated 90 organizational units, and focused its mission on four strategic objectives. As a result of these developments, the US foreign aid program works better to further our national interests around the globe and is a model of efficiency for international management. …


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