Powell Would Give Dole Supporters Pause

Article excerpt

SENATE majority leader Bob Dole would be in a tight race if retired Gen. Colin Powell enters the New Hampshire primary, but otherwise has commanding support in the state, reports a poll by a Manchester, N.H. TV station.

If General Powell were not in the race, 34.9 percent of the 483 Republican voters surveyed would vote for Senator Dole. Some 21 percent are undecided. When asked if Powell's entering the race would change their vote, only 37.6 percent said the would stay with their original candidate.

Powell would get 31 percent if he runs and an equal number would consider him. But Powell has the highest favorability rating among New Hampshire Republicans, with 46.3 percent saying they had a favorable opinion of him. Dole ranked 42 percent, and Buchanan and Gramm were tied at 25 percent.

Powell, promoting his book in London, said in an interview with the BBC radio on Monday that he was still uncertain about whether to take the plunge. "The searching that is going on in my heart and soul right now is: Is this the right thing to do? Can I bring the passion to it that it requires?" he said. …


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