Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Dad's Fedora

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

Dad's Fedora

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Hazel-brown and soft as flannel,

with two rounded peaks for its crown,

as if they'd once been mountains

worn down, buffed clean

by a thousand years of passing clouds.

A man dwells beneath his hat.

Or hides. Bold thoughts erupt,

and notions too pale and evanescent

to be born out of doors

without a hat's modest shelter.

But as a boy, I knew none of that.

All I understood was my father's fond

coffee-colored eyes gazing out

from beneath that sweeping brim,

arriving home from work, an October evening,

and me racing up, encompassed

in his woolen arms, a wet kiss to greet him.

Fawn-brown, with clay-colored ribbon

girding the crown - how long did it sit

going ash-gray with gathered dust,

abandoned on the top shelf of the closet?

Mother had given away his suits, his shoes,

his fishing gear and cameras

in the year since he died. But not this. …

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