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Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

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The Princess and the Royal Family's Future

Regarding the News In Brief item "Responding to a BBC interview with Princess Diana," Nov. 22: The interview has reopened the debate concerning the future of the British monarchy. The Princess asserted that the monarchy must become more accessible if it is to survive. Many British citizens question whether maintaining a monarchy (in any form) is compatible with the democratic spirit of contemporary Britain. This is an issue that deserves more coverage in the Monitor.

Alistair BuddRolle, Switzerland

I read with interest the editorial "Royal (Mis)Behavior," Nov. 29. I agree that a lot of grief would have been avoided had Prince Charles been allowed to marry Camilla Parker Bowles, but that issue was not raised before his marriage to Diana. The Diana and Charles affair is tragic. A young, innocent woman was ill-used - it would appear - to satisfy the demands of the royal family for an heir. The sadness of her situation and her desperation now have been revealed. Diana is not so "common" a lady. She is a human being and has the right to kindness. Hindsight is not geared to helping us but living daily by the "golden rule" is.

Jean NallWrentham, Mass.

Britain's isolationism

The author's analysis of British objections to federalism seems superficial (opinion-page article "Britain is at the Crossroads on Europe," Nov. …

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