Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

The 'Crazy' Lady Loses Her Crackers

Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor

The 'Crazy' Lady Loses Her Crackers

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The other day I got a phone call from my friend Laura in New York. "You're not going to believe this one," she said. "Guess what she did the other day?"

Laura was telling me a story about our mutual friend, Carolyn, in Santa Fe, Calif.

"The girl is outta control," Laura started, then chuckled.

Carolyn is our thrifty friend. Some people might call her cheap, but I can't use the "ch" word, because it doesn't apply. She is very generous to family and friends, just frugal with herself.

For this, she endures some teasing and is all too happy to defend her actions. I can almost hear her declare in a Forrest Gump voice, "A dollar saved is a dollar earned."

But what Laura told me about what we now affectionately refer to as the Carrs Crackers incident, defies all common sense. Picture this:My friend, an attractive young woman, is driving her pickup truck down a six-lane road in Santa Fe. She stops off at a store to pick up a gourmet dinner-for-one: smoked Gouda and Carrs.

Now, the box of crackers is perched nicely on the dashboard. Her dog, Hershey, is sitting in the truck's passenger's seat. It's a beautiful warm afternoon: The wind is blowing, the sun is shining. She's got the windows down and starts singing to the radio. Life is pretty good.

Then, Carolyn hears a vrrwhoosh. She notices that the rectangular black box of Carrs crackers has not only exited its position on the dashboard, but flown the coop entirely. (Hershey saw the whole thing, but acts as if nothing happened.)

From the rearview window, Carolyn sees the black box mid-road.

Now, most people would probably utter "darn," then shrug their shoulders and be on their way. Not Carolyn. She decides to pull over into the break-down lane and assess the situation.

Then she shifts the truck into reverse.

Surprisingly, by this time, no one has driven over the box of Carrs Crackers. It landed perfectly on one of the dividing lines. …

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