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THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT - This film poses a legitimate political question: Could a widower president of the United States go out on a date - in an election year? The answer, of course, presents some hilarious situations, as President Andrew Shepard repeatedly "trips over his job." He can't send her flowers because he has no personal way to pay; when he calls her, how can he make her believe it's the president calling? The characters and campaign style bear striking similarities to the Clinton administration, my favorite being Michael J. Fox's caricature of George Stephanopoulos.

The movie's overall innocent charm is interrupted by a sexual situation in one scene. (PG-13, Columbia TriStar Home Video, Nov. 17, 1995)

-- Eric C. Evarts

JUMANJI - Children discover a mysterious adventure game in which a roll of the dice may produce a real monsoon or man-eating plant. Hair-raising, computer-generated special effects are definitely for the mature end of PG, even on the small screen, but eventually all is set right. …


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