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Newspaper article The Christian Science Monitor


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India and Pakistan Search for Solutions

Please allow me to congratulate the writers for articulating their concerns on the state of tensions between India and Pakistan in your opinion-page articles, "A New Generation, and Future, for South Asia" (Aug. 22).

We couldn't agree more that the huge expenditure gobbled by defense allocation does no service to the welfare of the people of both Pakistan and India. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has called for new thinking on the Kashmir issue bedeviling Pakistan-Inda relations..

Specifically, he has called on India to resolve the Kashmir issue on a priority basis. The response has been more saber-rattling by Indian politicians who have instead urged a jingoistically harder line on Kashmir - the unfinished business in the subcontinent.

Don't forget, Pakistan is not the instigator of the arms race. It is India, who since its independence 50 years ago continues to threaten the national security of Pakistan. And to put teeth to its perennial threat, India has unjustifiably acquired nuclear weapons and brushed aside all entreaties to drop its accelerated nuclear weapons program.

This development, together with the constant threat to Pakistan's security, has to be taken seriously by Pakistan.

Considering India's track record in initiating three wars against Pakistan, we have no choice but to be ready to respond with a well-equipped military.

The solution to the arms race in the subcontinent remains in India's hands through the implementation of the UN Security Council's resolutions, which demand that India hold free and fair elections under UN supervision in Jammu and Kashmir to allow the Kashmiri people to once and for all decide their political future.

What is the world's greatest democracy afraid of?

Mohammad Azam


Press Attache

Embassy of Pakistan

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