The List: America's Wealthiest Now Lead the World

Article excerpt

If Bill Gates - the world's richest person - gave $10,000 to every man, woman, and child in Chicago, he'd still have about $12 billion left over for himself. Mr. Gates, chairman of Microsoft Corp., saw his wealth more than double - to $39.8 billion - in the past year. Forbes magazine says Gates's wealth now even exceeds the world's richest royal, the sultan of Brunei ($38 billion). America has 170 billionaires, up from just 13 when the first Forbes list was printed in 1982. Top 40 names on the new list include:

1.Gates, William H. III

Bellevue, Wash., $39.80 billion 2.Buffett, Warren Edward Omaha, Neb., $21.00 3.Allen, Paul Gardner Mercer Island, Wash. $17.00 4.Ellison, Lawrence Joseph Atherton, Calif., $9.20 5.Moore, Gordon Earl Woodside, Calif., $8.80 6.Ballmer, Steven Anthony Bellevue, Wash., $8.30 7.Kluge, John Werner Charlottesville, Va., $7.80 8.Perelman, Ronald Owen New York, $6.50 9.Walton, Jim C. Bentonville, Ark.,$6.50 10.Walton, Helen R. Bentonville, Ark., $6.40 11.Walton, Alice L., Rogers, Ark., $6.30 12.Walton, John T. Durango, Colo., $6.30 13.Walton, S. Robson Bentonville, Ark., $6.30 14.Pritzker, Jay Arthur, Chicago, $6.00 15. …


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