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New Locations

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Locations

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NEW LOCATIONS Filed 4-16-85 ALFALFA COUNTY Regency Exploration, Inc. 1-17 Beltz, 17-26N-11W, s 1/2 sw nw, 330fsl-660fwl of NW 1/4 (N Lambert) 6300 Hunton. El: 1249 GR.

BEAVER COUNTY Shar-Alan Oil Co. 1-2 Avis Brower, 2-1N-28ECM, c nw 1320fsl-1320fwl of NW 1/4 (Ivanhoe) 8500 Chester. El: 2469 GR.

TXO Production Corp. 1-A Alice, 10-2N-22ECM, n 1/2 n 1/2 sw, 2220fsl-1320fwl of SW 1/4 (N Balko) 8200 Chester.

Shar Alan Oil Co. 1-33 McFarland, 33-5N-23ECM, c se, 1320fsl-1320fwl of SE 1/4 (Mocane Laverne) 7250 Chester. El: 2526 GR.

CARTER COUNTY Keith F. Walker, 4 J B Moore Estate, 19-3S-2W, c se, 1320fsl-1320fwl of SE 1/4 (Mocane Laverne) 7250 Chester. El: 2526 GR.

CARTER COUNTY Keith F. Walker 4 J B Moore Estate, 19-3S-2W, ne sw nw 810fsl-960fwl of NW 1/4 (Sho Vel Tum) 7400 WOodford.

COTTON COUNTY High McDonald Operating Co. 3 Coker, 4-1S-9W, se sw ne, 330fsl-990fwl of NE 1/4 (E Hulen) 2600 Stray Lm. 1050 GR.

CREEK COUNTY Gulf Coast Western, Inc. 1 Glover, 26-15N-10E, ne se sw, 990fsl-2475fwl of SW 1/4 (Wilcox) 2500 Booch. El: 710 GR.

Royalty Star Petroleum Inc. 1 Star 80, 13-16N-11E, se sw sw 165fsl-155fwl of SW 1/4 (Pollyanna) 2550 Miss. El: 889 GR.

William C. Robertson & Associates, Inc. 3 Tracy, 13-17N-8E, sw se ne, 330fsl-1650fwl of NE 1/4 (Olive) 3750 Wilcox.

Diamond Oil & Gas Productions, 1 Krause, 21-17N-10E, se nw ne, 1650fsl-990fwl of NE 1/4 (W Kellyville Dist) 2850 Dutcher. El: 900 Gr.

Royalty Star Petroleum, Inc., 1 Super Pumper, 26-17N-11E, ne nw nw, 2475fsl-800fwl of NW 1/4 (Sapulpa Dist) 2400 Miss. El: 878 GR.

Mickalson Petroleum Co. 1-A Zapper, 18-18N-9E, nw nw nw, 2310fsl-330fwl of NW 1/4 (Mannford) 3350 Simpson. El: 1050 GR.

GARVIN COUNTY Exxon Corp. 1 Harvey Neal, 4-2N-2W, ne sw sw 700fsl-700fwl of SW 1/4 (Golden Trend) 8200 Viola.

Bruce Murphy and The Emerald Co. 1 Bundy, 7-3N-3W, ne sw sw 825fsl-1066fwl of SW 1/4 (N Lewis) 2500 Bromide. El: 1054 GR.

TXO Production Corp, 1 Work A, 32-4N-3W, s 1/2 ne ne, 1650fsl-1980fwl of NE 1/4 (Golden Trend) 9700 Chimney Hill. El: 1028 GR.

GRADY COUNTY Kepco Inc. 1 chenk, 34-7N-8W, sw se, 660fsl-660fwl of SE 1/4 (NW Chickasha) 9000 Wade.

GRANT COUNTY Drlg & Devel Eng 2-1 Mormac-Fox, 2-27N-3W, nw sw sw, 980fsl-410fwl of SW 1/4 (Webb) 4382 Red Fork. EL: 1095 GR. OWWO: OTD 4382.

HUGHES COUNTY TXO Production Corp. 1 Oliphant, 7-9N-9E, zne nw nw, 2310fsl-1019fwl of NW 1/4 (Olympic) 3600 Wilcox. El: 780 GR. Irreg. Sec.

KAY COUNTY Rainey Oil Co. 1 West-Melo Lebeda, 26-26N-1E, ne ne nw 2210fsl-2310fwl of NW 1/4 (E Autwine) 4050 Miss Chat. El: 990 GR.

KIOWA COUNTY Sam Fuchs 16 Sam Fuchs, 30-6N-16W, sw ne se 1618fsl-1685fwl of SE 1/4 (Komalty Dist) 500 Hunton Lm.

Sam Fuchs 17 Sam Fuchs, 30-6N-16W, nw se se, 1285fsl-1505fwl of SE 1/4 (Komalty Dist) 500 Hunton.

Daroil Co. 15-2 Null, 34-7N-17W, nw sw se 1155fsl-495fwl of SE 1/4 (Komalty Dist) 1200 VIola. …

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