Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Myriad Matters, Harvey's Age, Noah's Ark and Jerry's Way

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Myriad Matters, Harvey's Age, Noah's Ark and Jerry's Way

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Many disparaging remarks have been heard about the Myriad Gardens downtown, and much of the criticism is coming from people who have never seen the place, or have merely driven by.

This week, with the Arts Festival, should be the turning point in the adverse public relations this place has received, and particularly the botanical tube. This unique facility, designed by New York architect Bill Conklin, is unlike any other anywhere in the world.

A lot of people, and Dean A. McGee in particular, have spent a great deal of time in the past 15 years on this project, which promises to become a spectacular jewel in the new downtown.

The lake, the two-level bridge, the walks and landscaping, the water plaza ampitheater and other features are making this a place of beauty downtown. People need to visit the Myriad Gardens this week to appreciate what it is fast becoming. It is the beginning of something that we can be proud of, and it will be the "people place" we have been needing.

A word of advice for those taking off for Sallisaw Downs to see the beautiful scenery: Remember horse sense is what keeps horses from betting on what people will do. . .As if Jim Tolbert doesn't have enough to do, now he has been named vice chairman of the Myriad Gardens Authority to replace Ron Richey, who has moved to Birmingham, and on top of that Mayor Andy Coats named Jim to the board of the OKC Community Foundation. That's the outfit John Kirkpatrick started that gave away over $1 million last year to various arts, educational and social causes. . .Psychologists say they can pick children who will go wrong later in life. Most people can do this by studying their spouse's side of the family.

Big deal at city hall recently, when the esteemed trustees of the Water Trust, at the request of general manager Earl Potts, solemnly transferred from the balance of $3.59 million in the water rate contingency account the sum of $13.28 for the Draper Plant Equipment Replacement Project. It took the vote of all trustees and it was passed unanimously. . .My long time good friend Harvey Everest has just passed 90. He told me, at the Whitehall Club, "When I was 89 last year I described myself as being "upper middle age. But now I guess I'll have to admit to being an old man.".. .Someone in Philadelphia has suggested that everyone should blow a loud horn when they see a crime being committed. Then the police will come and make an arrest for violating the city's anti-noiseordinance.

City Councilman Jerry Gilbert was a little startled to find that his house is included in the area the council plans to declare "blighted" for a new downtown redevelopment district, but he says he'll go along with it. Maybe Jerry can apply for a federal rehabilitation grant. Gilbert, by the way, refused to participate in an executive session of the council to discuss the suit by Warr Acres. …

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