Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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COMPLETIONS Filed 4-26-85 BEAVER COUNTY Donald Slawson, 1-14 Cates, 14-1N-23ECm, s 1/2 sw (S Balko) Morrow 7888-92, P/4 BOPD, Gty 40 w/150 MCFGPD, TD 8120.

Kerr-McGee, 7 RE Adams A, 36-3N-24ECM, se nw se (NW Mocane) abnd loc.

CARTER COUNTY Perkins Energy, 1 Epley, 4-1S-3W, ne sw sw (Sho Vel Tum) abnd loc.

Keith Walker, 1-16 Cantwell, 16-5S-2W, nw nw (Joiner City) L/Viola 5734-5806 P/20 + 5 BLWPD, Gty 37.6, TD 6065.

DEWEY COUNTY Harper Oil, 1-4 Lawrenz, 4-18N-14W, sw nw (NW Canton) Morrow 8875-8999, P/23 BOPD, TD 9247.

Viersen & Cochran Drilg, 1-33 Lawrenz, 33-19N-14W, ne sw sw (NW Canton) Morrow 7894-8848, F/160 BOPD, 1/2" W/101 MCFGPD, TP 275, TD 9125.

ELLIS COUNTY Bracken Expl, 1-34 Jimmie, 34-22n-24w, n 1/2 ne se (Gage) TD 6550 D&A.

GRADY COUNTY Hadson Petr, 1-13 Lucille, 13-5N-6W, sw se (NW Alex); Bormide 15,564-16,022 F/708 BOPD, 28/64 w/861 MCFGPD, TD 16,716.

GREER COUNTY C&L Prod, 3 Loe T McMurty, 7-7N-21W, nw ne ne (E Moravia) Quartz Wash 1336-65, P/10 BO + 20 BWPD, Gty 39, TD 1375.

HARPER COUNTY Harper Oil, 17-2 Devore, 17-25N-25W, ne se (Mocane-Laverne) Morrow 7432-47, F/150 MCFGPD, w/1 BO + 1 BWPD, TP 230, TD 76090.

HUGHES COUNTY B&J Drlg, 1 DeShields, 26-6N-9E, nw sw se (Wildcat) U/Booch 3130 & L/Booch 3210, P/4 BOPD, TD 3250.

Lema Petr, 1 Gem, 1-7N-8E, ne se ne (Holdenville) Booch 2797-2807, P&F/20 BO+ 3 BWPD, Gty 35 w/250 MCFGPD, Tp 200 TD3510.

KINGFISHER COUNTY Speller Oil, 2 Annie, 2-16N-6W, ne ne (Sooner Trend) Hunton 7482-94, F/120 BO + 153 BWPD, Gty 40, w/800 MCFGPD, TD 7580.

Brown & Borelli, 21-17N-6W, 1 Terell nw nw (Sooner Trend); TD 8345 D&A.

LINCOLN COUNTY HB O&G, 1 Duncan, 35-13N-6E, e 1/2 nw se (SE Arlingtn) T D 3810, D&A.

LOGAN COUNTY Hunton O&G, 1 Phillips, 3-17N-4W, se nw (Crescent-Lovell) Wilcox 6380-86, F/300 MCFGPD, w/15 BCPD, Gty 52, TD 6509.

LOVE COUNTY LE Jones Prod, 1 Leota, 8-6S-3W,ne sw sw (Orr bTownsite) anbd loc. …

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