Corporation Commission

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(56371) NOTICE AND ORDER REFERRING AND SETTING CAUSE FOR HEARING Cause CD No. 125,454 Before the Corporation Commission of the State of Oklahoma.

Applicant: Wagner & Brown. In the matter of establishing 640 acre drilling and spacing units, by extending the purview of Order No. 58,383 (So. 3022), as last extended by Order No. 154,564, for the Granite Wash common source of supply; and extending the purview of Order No. 107,695 (So. 6645, 9084), as last extended by Orders No. 206,343 and No. 244,737, for the Atoka, Springer, Chester, Mississippi Limestone, Hunton, Viola, Simpson, and Arbuckle common sources of supply; all underlying all of Sections 13, Township 9 North, Range 23 West, Beckham County, Oklahoma, and possibly providing that the Order to issue in this cause be made effective on a date prior to the date of signing.

STATE OF OKLAHOMA TO: All persons, owners, producers, operators, purchasers and takers of oil and gas and all other interested persons, particularly in Beckham County, Oklahoma, and more particularly Shurley J. Walker and Sam Walker; Veda Brogdon; Nina Eavenson; F.P. Steadham and Ola Steadham; Lucille Cummings and Carl Cummings; Oran M. Steadham; Ray Reynolds a/k/a Urshal Ray Reynolds; Myrtle Elizabeth Reynolds, now Hodson; Marie Sheets; Shirley Marie Thompson Swearingen ; Debora Ann Thompson Matthews; Beulah Hiebert; Roy J. Hawkins; Eileen E. Hawkins; Richard A. Hawkins; Phyllis Alexander; Denise Brazil; Loretta J. Underwood; Barbara J. Klingele; Shirley Ann England; Nina Suzanne Gottschalk; Rubye O. Watson; Thomas D. Carmichael, a/k/a Tom Carmichael and Nettie E. Carmichael; Hubert W. Carmichael and Fay S. Carmichael, Trustees of the Carmichael Revocable Trust dated March 16, 1984; Helen Mulrenin; Nell Killough; W.W. Sanders, Trustee; Oleta Florene Stewart, now Wylie and James Wylie; Margaret Standiford, now Gray and MurrellGray; Gladys Priest; Mary Margaret Wilson, now Devenas and Joseph Devenas; Dr. J.H. Bonifield, a/k/a Johnie H. Bonifield; Elsie Henley; Thomas W. Hawkins and Dorise J. Hawkins a/k/a Doris J. Hawkins; V.R. Hawkins and Mary Hawkins; Walter C. Hawkins; Gloria Ann Evans and Ronnie Evans; Anna M. Burch; Frances Logsdon a/k/a Frances M. Logsdon; Earl D. Littrell and Rubye L. Littrell; Richard E. Littrell; Jack W. Ivester, Trustee of the H.C. Ivester Trust; Charles Raymond Thomas; O.B. Thomas, Jr.; Etta Mae Linholm; Noel Franklin Thomas; Rolla William Thomas; David Thomas; Dale Thomas; Southside State Bank of Tyler, Texas, Trustee for "The Teegerstrom Family Trust No. …


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