Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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OKLAHOMA COMPELTIONS Filed 5-2-85 BEAVER COUNTY Cotton Petr, 1 Hennigh, 31-1N-26ECM, se nw sw (S Logan); TD 8930 D&A.

CARTER COUNTY Union Oil of Calif, 14-48 Healdton V Ut, 23-4S-3W, se se nw (Healdton); Healdton 960-1052, P/5 BO + 63 BWPD, Gty 31 TD 1240.

CREEK COUNTY Seagull Opera, 1 R Greer ""A'', 7-16N-12E, ne se nw (Mounds Dist); TD 1737 D&A.

Pilot Energy, 2 Norma Sutliff, 26-17N-10E, nw ne nw (Kellyville9; L/Dutcher 2499-2505, F/96 BOPD, 10/64", w/100 MCFGPD TD 380, TD 2552.

GRADY COUNTY Durango Energy, 1 Gordon, 8-4N-6W, nw nw sw (S Chitwood); TD 3000 D&A.

GRANT COUNTY Wil-Mc Oil, 1 Harold, 6-27N-5W, ne se (Wakita Trend); Red Fork 4784-94 F/350 MCFGPD, 15/64", w/5 BWPD, TP 760, TD 4965.

Same, 2 Joe, 26-28N-6W, nw sw (Wakita Trend); Red Fork 4788-4802, F/225 MCFGPD, 20/64", w/2 BWPD, TP 90, TD 4903.

Same, 1 Raymond, 27-28N-6W, se se ne (Wakita Trend); Red Fork 4774-4814, F/865 MCFGPD, 20/64", w/27 BWPD, TP 480, TD 4845.

HARMON COUNTY Phillips Petr, 1 Story ""A'', 36-2N-24W, nw sw sw (Wildcat); TD 8500 D&A.

KAY COUNTY Arco O&G, 8B Fred Jones, 10-27N-1W, se sw nw (Blackwell); Stalnaker 2340-45, P/13 BO + 262 BWPD, TD 2432.

Boswell Energy, 1-15 Baumgardner, 15-26N-1W, e 1/2 nw ne (E Braman); TD 3738 D&A.

KINGFISHER COUNTY Beasley Oil, 1 Otter Creek # 29, 29-17N-9W, n 1/2 sw se (Altona); Chester, Manning & Miss 8153-9283, F/37 BC + 30 BLWPD 18/64" Gty 48 w/340 MCFGPD, TP 400 TD 9533.

LINCOLN COUNTY TJ Expl, 1 Biggs, 7-16N-2E, se se ne (N Merrick); Osage Layton 3397-3401, P/20 BO + 50 BWPD, Gty 29.5, OTD 4810, PB 3500.

LOGAN COUNTY Alpine O&G, 1 Powell-Kendall, 14-16N-1E, sw ne ne (N Merrick); Cleveland 4008-26, F/1170 MCFGPD, 12/64", w/3 BCPD, Gty 57.7, TP 890, OTD 5395.

LOVE COUNTY Kingery Drlg, 1 Zellers, 2-6S-1E, sw ne sw (N Narsden); TD 2764 D&A.

MC CLAIN COUNTY Sun Expl & Prod, 6 Lottie Moore, 15-5N-3W, nw se nw (W Flint Creek); Viola 8714-8898, P/209 BO + 13 BWPD OTD 9243. …

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