Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Locations

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Locations

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OKLAHOMA NEW LOCATIONS Filed 5-7-85 BECKHAM COUNTY Tenneco Oil Co. 1-15 Blackburn, 15-10N-24W, w 1/2 e 1/2 sw, 1320FSL-1620FWL of SW 1/4 (S New Liberty) 18,989 Springer. El: 1986 GR. OWWO: OTD 18,982.

CANADIAN COUNTY Canadian Exploration Corp. 13-2 Scalapion, 13-11N-6W, ne ne, 1980FSL-1980FWL of NE 1/4 (NW Mustang), 8700 Hunton. El: 1376 GR.

Okland Oil Co. 1-34 Wilshire, 34-13N-5W, se se sw, 330FSL-2310FWL of SW 1/4 (NE Yukon) 8300 Hunton. El: 1274 est GR.

CARTER COUNTY Marshall Oil Corp. 2-14 Goddard, 14-3S-3E, s 1/2 nw nw, 1680FSL-660FWL of NW 1/4 (N Baum) 4950 Sycamore. El: 819 GR.

CREEK COUNTY Covenant Oil Corp. 1 Ophir, 5-15N-9E, ne ne ne, 2310FSL-2140FWL of SE 1/4 (Bristow) 3050 Dutcher. El: 820 GR.

The Saco Oil Corp. 2 A O C, 10-17N-10E, ne nw nw, 2310FSL-990FWL of NW 1/4 (Kellyville Dist) 1680 Oswego.

Crasco Oil Co. 2 Crabtree, 14-17N-11E, se sw ne, 175FSL-1000FSL of NE 1/4 (Sapulpa Dist) 1600 Red Fork El: 690 GR.

Union Oil Co. of California 25 Susie Crow 80-A, 4-18N-7E, n 1/2 nw se, 2030FSL-660FWL of SE 1/4 (Cushing) 2640 Bartlesville.

GARFIELD COUNTY Investors Resources Corp. 35-1 Skoda, 35-21N-7W, nw se, 1980FSL-660FWL of SE 1/4 (Sooner Trend) 6620 Skinner. OWWO: OTD 7524.

Petro-Energy Exploration, Inc. 1 Ediger 1-3, 3-23N-8W, s 1/2 nw, 660FSL-1320FWL of NW 1/4 (Carrier) 7500 2nd Wilcox. El: 1300 est GR.

Petro-Energy Exploration Inc. 1 Earl 1-9, 9-23N-8W, nw ne, 1980FSL-660FWL of NE 1/4 (Carrier) 7500 Wilcox. El: 1300 GR.

Petro-Energy Exploration Inc. 1 Koechel 1-10, 10-23N-8W, 1980FSL-1320FWL of SW 1/4 (Carrier) 7500 2nd Wilcox. El: 1300 est GR.

GARVIN COUNTY Jet Oil Co. 1 Ellis ''A'', 28-3N-2W, sw ne ne, 1650FSL-1650FWL of NE 1/4 (Golden Trend9 8000 Oil Creek. El: 980 est GR.

HUGHES COUNTY Lowry Exploration, Inc. 3-2 Chapman, 3-7N-8E, ne sw ne, 890FSL-990FWL of NE 1/4 (Holdenville) 4400 Wilcox.

Southern Resources, Inc. 1-3 Anderson, 3-8N-11E, s 1/2 se sw, 491FSL-1980FWL Of SW 1/4 (NW Carson) 3950 Gilcrease. El: 778 GR.

KAY COUNTY Harry F. Buck & Ross L. Mayo 1-17 Scott, 17-29N-2E, se sw, 660FSL-1980FWL of sw 1/4 (N Middleton) 3135 Cleveland. El: 1181 GR. OWWO: OTD 3650.

KINGFISHER COUNTY MacKellar, Inc. 1 Struck, 9-15N-6W, se sw, 660FSL-1980FWL of SW 1/4 (Sooner Trend9 8000 Hunton. …

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