Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Public Notices

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Public Notices

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Sec. (c) Permit any person under twenty-one (21) years of age to enter into, remain within or loiter about the premises of his licensed premises.

Sec. 5-6. Prohibitions upon Mixed Beverage Licensees. No mixed beverage licensee shall:

Sec. Keep or knowingly permit any alcoholic beverage to be kept, brought or consumed on his licensed premises which is not allowed to be sold or served upon such premises.

Sec. 5-7. Prohibitions upon Bottle Club Licensees. No bottle club licensee shall:

Sec. (a) Act as an agent for any bottle club member and purchase any alcoholic beverage for said member;

Sec. (b) Use or allow the use of any pool system of storage or purchase of alcoholic beverages:

Sec. (c) Sell any alcoholic beverage; or

Sec. (d) Deliver or furnish to any club member any alcoholic beverage that does not belong to said member.

Sec. 5-8. Prohibitions upon Secial Events or Caterer Licensees. No special event or caterer licensee shall:

Sec. (a) Purchase or receive any alcoholic beverage other than from a person holding a wholesaler or Class B wholesaler license issued pursuant to the provisions of the Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Control Act; or

Sec. (b) Transport alcoholic beverages from the place of purchase to his licensed premises unless said licensee also holds a private carrier license issued by the ABLE Commission.

Sec. 5-9. Prohibitions against drunk or intoxicated persons. No person operating a cafe, restaurant, club, or any place of recreation shall permit any person to be drunk or intoxicated in said place of business.

Sec. 5-10. Prohibition upon persons under 21. Any person under twenty-one (21) years of age who shall misrepresent his age in writing or by presenting false documentation of age for thepurpose of inducing any person to sell or serve him alcoholic beverage or issue him a bottle club membership card.

Sec. 5-11. Prohibitions upon Licensees, Employees, Managers, Operators or Agents of Licensees. No mixed beverage, bottle club, caterer or special event licensee or any employee, manager, operator or agent thereof shall:

Sec. (a) Consume or be under the influence of alcoholic beverages during the hours he is on duty. For the purposes of this section, licensees will be deemed to be on duty from the time he first comes on duty until the time he goes off duty at the end of the shift, including any break periods permitted by management. This paragraph shall not apply to any person who works on the premises as an entertainer only;

Sec. (b) Permit or tolerate any conduct or language which is intended to threaten another with physical harm or any fighting or offensive physical contact, in or upon the licensed premises or areas just outside the licensed premises which are controlled by the licensee;

Sec. (c) Permit empty or discarded alcoholic beverage containers to be in public view outside the licensed premises. All empty or discarded containers shall be disposed of in accordance with ABLE Commission rules and regulations;

Sec. (d) Permit any illegal gambling activity, violations of the state narcotic and dangerous drug laws, or prostitution activity or any other criminal conduct to occur on the licenses premises;

Sec. (e) Refuse or fail to promptly open a door to the licensed premises upon request of an agent or inspector of the Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission or any other peace officer to enter the premises, when the licensee or employee knows or should know that such request is made by an agent or inspector of the ABLE Commission or any other peace officer. This provision shall not be construed to deny agents of the ABLE Commission or any other peace officer access at any time to any licensed premises;

Sec. (f) Allow any person on the licensed premises which such person is unclothed or in such attire, costume or clothing as to expose to view any portion of the female breast below the top of the areola or any portion of the pubic hair, buttocks or genitals;

Sec. …

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