Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Pleadings & Filings

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PLEADINGS & FILINGS DIVORCE Received 6-19-85 FD-82-8276 - Hatfield; applic.

JFD-79-8259 - Pannell vs Calhoun; interrogs, request for prod.

JFD-84-999 - Moffat; reply brief of appellant.

JFD-83-1467 - Threatt; garn affi.

FD-85-2827 - Janota; ent of appear & waiver.

JFD-85-3410 - Shropshire; ans & cross pet.

JFD-85-2818 - Vickers; applic for ord.

FD-85-1124 - Remis; applic.

FD-85-1694 - Bacon; obj to mot to vacate div dec.

FD-84-7278 - Watson; applic & info for cit for contempt.

FD-85-3585 - Cain; disml w-o prej.

FD-84-5392 - Henry; applic.

FD-85-548 - Clapp; appl for contempt cit.

FD-85-3052 - Weaver; appl for temp ord.

FD-85-3997 - Roberts; ent of appear & waiver.

FD-84-4463 - Walta; resp to pet in error & prelim stmt.

JFD-75-6488 - Gilmore (Lloyd) vs Gilmore; ent of appear.

JFD-81-4149 - Taylor; pltfs resp to defts mot.

FD-85-3659 - Gentry; ent of appear.

FD-85-721 - Newman; defts ans to pltfs interrogs.

JFD-83-852 - Benz; defts ans to interrogs.

FD-84-2742 - Eagle; pet for divorce, affi.

JFD-82-2543 - Davison; pub affi.

JFD-81-5589 - Kowena; pub affi.

JFD-83-7602 - Link; resp to pet in error & prel stmt.

JFD-74-2368 - Williams; affi of pay.

FD-84-5652 - Hoback; ent of appear and waiver.

JFD-84-2323 - Watson; app for cit.

FD-85-0504 - Giles; ans, cross pet.

FD-85-3006 - Bowling; ans.

FD-85-3052 - Weaver; ans, cross pet.

FD-85-3041 - Phillips; ent of app & waiver.

FD-85-750 - Stephenson; ent of app & waiver.

JFD-83-1051 - Ryan vs Elliott; affi & req for increase in suppt. …

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