Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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OKLAHOMA COMPLETIONS Filed 6-21-85 BEAVER COUNTY Mewbourne Oil, 2 Shook, 26-2N-23ECM, nw ne (Elmwood); P/127 BOPD, Gty 46 w/122 MCFGPD, TD 7750.

GARVIN COUNTY TC Craighead, 1 Alexander, 15-2N-1W, se ne ne (Brady); TD 6575 D&A.

Lamima, 1 Hogue, 22-1N-1E, nw ne (Butterly); Abnd Loc.

GRADY COUNTY Sohio Petr, 1-35 Medell, 35-3N-7W, c sw (Wildcat); Springer 18,842-854, F/2455 MCFGPD, 8 _ 64", TP 4000, TD 20,300.

JEFFERSON COUNTY LE Jones Prod, 1 English, 2-6S-4W, se ne ne (N Orr); TD 6340 D&A.

KAY COUNTY Midstates Oil, 24 Rolly, 31-25N-1W, e 1/2 w 1/2 nw (Tonkawa); Red Fork 4212-60, F.106 BO + 24 BWPD, 18 _ 64", Gty 46.6 w/150 MCFGPD, TP 150, TD 4455.

LINCOLN COUNTY Montejas Expl & Prod, 1 Duncan, 19-13N-6E, nw nw sw (W Arlington); TD 4711 D&A.

MAJOR COUNTY Barnhill Mgmt, 2-14 Martin, 14-22N-12W, c nw (Ringwood); Miss 6992-7543, F/177 BO $.922 158 BLWPD, 18 _ 64" Gty 40 w/300 MCFGPD, TPD 250, TD 7650.

Leben Oil, 3-15 Nobel, 15-22N-14W, nw nw (Cheyenne Valley); Hunton 7370-7936, F/144 BO + 150 BWPD, 12 _ 64", Gty 34 w/250 MCFGPD, TP 400, TD 8430.

MUSKOGEE COUNTY The Weslaw Corp, 1 Freeman, 31-14N-16E, ne ne sw (Council Hill Dist); Abnd Loc.

NOBLE COUNTY Three Sands Oil, 1A Rieman, 33-22N-2E, sw nw se (Ne Sumner); Perry Gas Sd 2694-2700, F/750 MCFGPD, 17 _ 64", TD 2753.

OKFUSKEE COUNTY TC Craighead, 1 UTB-Stine, 23-13N-10E, nw se nw (E Okfuskee); TD 3448 D&A.

OKMULGEE COUNTY The Wesland Corp, 2A Jennifer-James, 7-12N-13E, ne se se (Schulter); Abnd Loc.

Same, 1 A Shamrock, 7-12N-13E, se se se (Schulter); Abnd Loc.

Same, 2 Cindy, 8-12N-13E, nw sw sw (Schulter); Abnd Loc.

Same, 3 Richards, 8-12N-13E, ne sw sw (Schulter); Abnd Loc.

PAWNEE COUNTY Ames O&G, 33-1 Lyon, 33-21N-5E, sw ne se (N Bryan); Red Fork 3281-3416, P/4 BO + 833 BWPD Gry 40, TD 3520.

Same, 10-15 Eugene McAlister, 10-22N-4E, sw se ne (Pawnee Lake); Red Fork 3449-3531, P/352 BO + 890 BWPD, Gty 40, TD 2654. …

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