Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Corporation Commission

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Corporation Commission

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(60401) NOTICE AND ORDER REFERRING AND SETTING CAUSE FOR HEARING Cause CD No. 127,204 Before the Corporation Commission of

the State of Oklahoma.

In the matter of the application

of Pogo Producing Company

for an Order adjudicating the

rights and equities and pooling

all interests in various common

sources of supply underlying

Section 8, Township 14 North,

Range 22 West, Roger Mills

County, Oklahoma, and desig

nating the applicant or some

other party as operator.


Oil Company, Gulf Oil Exploration &

Production Company, Helmerich &

Payne, Inc., Harper Oil Company,

Gasanadarko, Ltd., Maguire Oil Com

pany, Union Texas Petroleum Corpora

tion, Moody Energy Company, Entex

Petroleum, Inc., NICOR Exploration

Company, Evmar Oil Corporation,

Rocket Oil Company, Viersen &&

Cochran, Reading & Bates Petroleum

Company, C.F. Braun and C.F. Braun

and Company, American Natural Gas

Production Company, Revocable Inter

vivos Trust of William Graycen Kerr,

U/T/A dated 6/29/83, Continental Illi

nois National Bank and Trust Company

of Chicago, Administrator for the

Federal Deposit Insurance Company

"FDIC", Robert A. Hefner III, Breene

M. Kerr, The Ram Group, David O'D.

Kennedy, Malouf Abraham, Bruce D.

Beckett, Bell Shareholders Trust #2,

Alphanzo E. Bell, Trustee, Ed Berrong,

Patricia Edwards, John V. Good and

Louise C. Good, Estate of Grady Harris,

Jr. (Fidelity Bank), Holden No. 1, Ltd.,

Ellen E. Howard and Frank Howard,

Catherine Johnson, Phyllis Kennedy,

Douglas Leigh, Mary Anne Malone,

Stephen S. Mark, John T. Mohan, Jr.,

Peter J. Mohan, Robert J. Mohan,

Moody Energy Company, Kathleen

MacGlennon and George B. MacGlen

non, O.P. Russell, Gwen Davis Sharp,

Joseph Taft, Rosemary Wayman, Tho

mas Wayman, Jr., J. Cooper West, Flag

Oil Corporation, UK Energy Corp.,

Seafirst American Corporation and all

Persons, Producers, Operators, Purchas

ers and Takers of oil and gas, and all

other interested persons, particularly in

Roger Mills County, Oklahoma. …

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