Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Feminists, Freeways, Football, Franchises and Flat Tires

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Feminists, Freeways, Football, Franchises and Flat Tires

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Downtown Rotary Club picked the wrong day for City Manager Scott Johnson to speak on the city's financial future. Scott has to stay with the city council until 12:40. There was the largest agenda in the city's history. In the meantime, about 200 members of the club sang, talked with each other, stretched out the introductions and announcements and generally killed time. Methodist Bishop

John Wesley Hardt filled in with a good talk on the Rotary Four Way Test.

Johnson knows which side his bread is buttered on, and stayed with his council. Every city manager keeps at least one suitcase packed at all times. He never forgets that it takes only five votes any Tuesday to decide his future. A city manager is in a perpetual pressure squeeze, caught between nine council members, 4,000 plus employees and more than 400,000 city residents, and his job is to please them all.

The feminists get a lot of attention, but when the media wants the opinion of a real voter they always turn to "middle aged housewife.". . .I just can't imagine my longtime friend Arch Jack, with the chamber for 39 years, as retired. I expect him to show up in some important job in a month or so. . .The world's loneliest feeling is to be on a six-lane freeway at a rush hour and realize that you're the only driver who doesn't know the off-ramp he is looking for. . .Speaking of lonely, how about the beautiful Leadership Square Atrium at almost any time of the day? It's like New York City's Wall Street on Sundays. But this will change in the years ahead.

About the only excuse that can be made by fans of losing university teams is that football flourishes in states where there isn't much else to do. . .Suzanne Owens has left as an assistant toMayor Andy Coats and has become marketing director for the Oklahoma City Zoo. . .I checked again, and it's true that the horses pulling the carriages in New Orleans and in San Antonio do indeed wear diapers. Prediction: Bricktown, Broadway Renuion and other fringe projects will come back strong, but only after downtown is completely finished. . .Bob Thompson of the Guthrie Economic

Development Council tells me that 40 buildings have been restored in that historic city, with more to come. This could become another Williamsburg. And the Guthrie Arts & Humanities group has a brilliant season ahead, with the St. Louis Symphony, the San Francisco Opera Theater, violinist Isaac Stern and others.

A returned camper friend says what irritated him most about the mosquitoes was their smug arrogance, now that the government has banned so many chemicals once used against them. . .Norman Morse, long time and "angel" for the great Lyric Theater, usually leaves after the first act. I keep telling him that the second act of every musical is always the best, and that he should come late andcatch it. …

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