Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Oklahoma City Workers Compensation Court Docket

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Oklahoma City Workers Compensation Court Docket

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WEDNESDAY JULY 24, 1985 9:30 A.M. BEFORE JUDGE CASHION 85-00449H - Koehn, Orville (Fred Boettcher) vs Champlin Petroleum (Own Rick, Milton Moon).

84-22119Y - Harvey, Matt. Jr. (Lew Gravitt) vs Okla. State Penitentiary (State Insurance Fund, Gary Bova).

83-06264R - Thomas, Sheila L. (George McCaffrey) vs General Motors Assembly Div. (General Motors Corporation, Vicki Robertson).

85-08112J - Holman, George L. (Mark Sanford) vs Don Martin Chevrolet (Royal Ins. Co., Paul Whinery).

83-15060A - Gilbert, Elizabeth Elaine (Randle Graham) vs Kathleen Sparks (State Insurance Fund, Michelin Hobbs).

84-12378K - Hartness, Billy Ray (William Vassar) vs Things Roofing Company (Mid-Continent Casualty Co., Pamela Cornett).

85-03393Q - Pruitt, Louis (Don Wyatt) vs Elmwood Manor (Hartford Insurance Group, John Cathey).

82-07148Q - Whiteside, Robert Harry (Larry Spears) vs Spec Indemnity Fund Only.

84-15066Y - Raines, Bernadine (Randall Robinson) vs Servicemaster Industries (Continental Insurance Co., Jim Cheek).

84-22316X - Burns, Mary Rays (James Mauritson) vs Picadilly Cafeteria(Aetna Casualty and Surety Co., Mark Brown).

85-04471R - Noori, Johanquir M. (Andrew Gass) vs North American Van Lines (National Union Fire Ins., Co., Dave Roberts &/or No Card-Cert Notice).

83-18355A - Davis, Elbert, Jr. (Michael Braswell, Sharon Fore) vs Office of Public Affairs (Stae Insurance Fund, Michelin Hobbs).

84-22462Q - Butler, F.E. Jr. (Richard Bell) vs Garland Coal Co. (Travelers Indemnity Company, Tenal Cooley).

BEFORE JUDGE CROSS 83-08576L - Henrion, Theresa Pauline (Jess Smethers) vs ITT Continental Baking Co. (INA, Henry Nichols).

83-17457R - Lemaster, Jerry Linn (Donald Lindauer) vs Spec Indemnity Fund Only (Lewis Berkowitz).

84-09175R - Jaquez, Allen Joseph (George Hanks) vs Acme Radiator Center (Casualty Reciprocal Exchange, Bruce Winston).

85-08066F - Elmootassem, Samer (John Forbes) vs Kip's Big Boy (Hartford Insurance Group, Kathleen Himmler).

83-16029Q - Burk, Michael L. (Karl Richeter) vs Spec Indemnity Fund Only (William Cathey).

84-14358Q - Lafaver, Malinda (E. Zamrzla) vs Canadian Valley Meat Packing (Transportation Insurance Co., James Durant).

85-07761Y - Harrison, Linda (J. Clark Russell) vs Woodside Nursing Home (No Inc.-Cert Notice &/or Ideal Mutual-Okla Property, Clifton Gooding).

85-06321A - Yother, Jesse William (Bruce Stephenson) vs J.M. King Fab Crete Inc. (Argonaut Insuranct Co., E. (Wayne) Keller).

84-18184J - Thompson,James H. (2 (Extra) James Taylor vs Okla. State Health Dept. (State Insurance Fund).

80-06987Q - Nixon, Nicholis (James Taylor, Todd Ralstin) vs Behe Construction (State Ins Fund, Gary Bova).

84-11890Y - Rivers, Kenneth (Gary Homsey) vs General Motors (Own Risk, William Wiles, Jr.).

84-19840R - Steveson, Bobby Royce (2 (Extra) No Atty-Cert Notice) vs Thunderbird Riding Stables (State Insurance Fund).

85-08867F - White, Ronald Lee (Tom Wakely) vs Gittings Airport Service (Great Plains Casualty, Catherine Dodson).

84-00471A - Rader, Billy (William Murphy, Jr.) vs Spraytex Incorporated (St. Paul Fire & Marine Ins. Co., Maryann Kelly.)

84-13455J - Wallach, Larry Arthur (Mike McNulty) vs Spec Indemnity Fund Only (Robert Karnes).

84-18813R - Mullen, Gerald L. (David Cole) vs Farm Fresh Dairy (Hartford Ins. John Cathey).

BEFORE JUDGE LYNN 84-09676L - Littles, Danny J. (Walter Ellis) vs Spec Indemnity Fund Only (William Doty,Jr.).

83-14640F - Miller, George W. (Dale Everett) vs King's Irrigation (Stte Insurance Fund, Gary Bova).

84-20269L - Shepard, Kevin M. (Chris Rush) vs Bunte Candies, Inc. (Bunte Candies Inc., Mike Mancillas).

84-08432K - Powell, Timothy Lane (Karl Richeter) vs Spec Inidemnity Fund Only (William Doty).

85-08297Y - Reed, Dorothy Sue (Dow Simank) vs Coney Restaurant (Hartford Insurance Group, Kathleen Himmler). …

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