Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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COMPLETIONS Filed 7-30-85 CANADIAN COUNTY TXO Production, 1 GE Vaughn, 36-11N-5W, nw se nw (N Mustang) Skinner, 8144-94, F/1411 MCFGPD, 11/64'' w/32 BO & 2 BWPD, 35-Gty, TP 1600, TD 8715.

CREEK COUNTY Cherokee Operating 1 Prospect, 5-15N-8E, ne nw ne (Depew) TD 3317, D&A.

RIC Petroleum 2 Rhodelle, 17-16N-8E, sw sw sw (W Red Bank) TD 3330 D&A.

LATIMER COUNTY Whitmar Exploration 1-7 Dodson, 7-6N-20E, c ne (Kinta) TD 13,056 D&A.

MAJOR COUNTY Jones & Pellow Oil 2-5 Ramon Jordan, 5-21N-13W, ne ne (Cheyenne Valley) Miss 7555-8158, F/398 BO & 38 BLWPD, 19/64'' w/725 MCFGPD, TP 600, TD 8300.

OKLAHOMA COUNTY TXO Production 1 Airport Trust B-27, 27-11N-4W, nw sw ne (Wheatland) Prue 7295-7344, F/193 BOPD, 14/64'' 36-Gty, w/343 MCFGPD, TP 650, TD 7800.

OSAGE COUNTY Luther G. Harper 7-A Harper, 3-21N-12E, sw ne sw (Bird Creek) Bartlesville 1218-38, P/10 BO & 128 BLWPD, 34-Gty, TD 1265.

D&F Oil 2-D Elkins, 15-24N-11E, se se nw (Barnsdall) Bartlesville 1680-1717, P/2 BO & 70 BWPD, TD 1817. …

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