Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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ACTIVITIES Filed 8-6-85 ALFALFA COUNTY Anadarko Prod 1-8 Melrose A, 8-24N-11W, nw se nw (Lambert Southeast) TD 6400, Logging.

CADDO COUNTY Amoco Prod Co. 1 Wray Unit, 6-5N-9W, sw se nw (Cement) drlg below 13,357.

Amoco Prod Co 1 Hall Unit, 26-5N-11W, ne nw sw (Apache Eat) drlg below 10,012.

Amoco Prod 1 B L Pierce, 33-6N-9W, se se nw (Cement) drlg below 8784.

CANADIAN COUNTY Amoco Prod 1 Vickrey Unit A, 30-11N-9W, nw se nw (Watonga Chickasha Trend) Perf (Morrow B) 64/12, 174-190, acid, CIPB at 12,150 perf (Morrow-E) 32/12,004-012, F/1700 MCFGPD + 95 BW?24 hrs. 12/64'' TP 2000, tstg.

Amoco Prod 2 Hatcher Unit A, c nw 32-11N-9W, c nw (Lookeba East) Perf (Morrow-B) 48/12 120-132, acid, CIPB at 12,110 to perf.

CIMARRON COUNTY Dawn Energy 2-32 Leppert, 32-4N-9ECM, se ne sw (Burton Southeast) drlg 3968.

COMANCHE COUNTY Mackellar Inc. 1-26 Talley, 26-3N-9W, c se (Sterling) drlg 6970.

Amoco Prod, 1 Love Unit A, 12-4N-11W, e 1/2 w 1/2 e 1/2 (Midway East) drlg 6459.

CUSTER COUNTY Dyco Petrol 2-19 Kerr, 19-12N-14W, sw ne sw (Eakly Weatherford Trend) drlg 9089.

Champlin Pet 1-17 Heriford, 17-15N-20W, n 1/2 s 1/2 nw (Moorewood Northeast); TD 13,350 logs, 5 1/2 at 11,324 WOCT.

GARVIN COUNTY lSonat Expl 1-11 J B Ball, 11-2N-3W, ne ne (Golden Trend) TD 9075, 5 1/2 at 9075 w/700, WOCT.

TC Craighead 1 Exxon Phillips, 31-3N-2W, sw ne nw (Golden Trend) C/Cromling spud 7-30, 9 5/8'' at 480 W/250, drlg 5603.

GRADY COUNTY Mack Oil 1 Bowers, 6-3N-5W, s 1/2 ne se (Knox) drlg 7080.

Mack Oil 4 Shir-Lea, 8-3N-5W, nw nw se (Knox) drlg 2928.

Amoco Prod Co. 1 Dupire, 4-4N-5W, sw sw se (Golden Trend) Perf (3rd Bromide) 14,198-318, tstg.

Amoco Prod CO., 2 Hazel Rayburn, 4-4N-5W, sw se sw (Golden Trend) PB 14,650 (1st Bromide) 14,498-626; tstg.

Clements Energy 1-A Cattle, 6-8N-6W, nw se nw (Amber Northeast) drlg 7436.

ANR Prod 1-33 Mary Belle, 33-10N-6W, c nw (Minco East) spud 8-2, 8 5/8'' at 1022 w/550, drlg 1300. …

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