Oklahoma City Workers Compensation Court Docket

Article excerpt

WORKERS' COMP WEDNESDAY AUGUST 14, 1985 BEFORE JUDGE CASHION 9:30 A.M. 85-15313Y - Baeza, Maria Teresa (Mike Lawter, Robert Robles) vs. Sheraton Century Center Hotel (State Insurance Fund, Michelin Hobbs).

82-06333J - Jones, Viola (Paul Fernald) vs. Langston Univ/Coop Extension (State Insurance Fund, Michelin Hobbs).

84-19326K - Henry, Rick L (Doug Dufort) vs. Trend Drilling (Employers' National Ins. Corp., Richard Mason).

84-09065Q - Smith, Curtis Leon (George Hanks) vs. Spec Indemnity Fund Only.

80-12487A - Alexander, Gary E. (Mike Lawter) vs. Spec Indemnity Fund Only, William Cathey).

84-06647H - Denham, Dennis Valton (Richard Bell) vs. City of Duncan (Own Risk, Doug Dufort, James Frieda).

85-02963K - Curry, Flora E (Richard Bell) vs. Okla. School System (Insurance Co. of North Amer., Tenal Cooley).

84-04472A - Martin, Paulette "Brenda" (Mike Lawter) vs. Eastern Oklahoma Nursing Home (State Insurance Fund, Robert Highsawy, Jr.).

83-16720A - Cichoshi, Leon Anthony (Mike Lawter) vs. BJ Hughes Inc. (National Union Fire Ins. Co., K. (David) Roberts).

BEFORE JUDGE CROSS 9:30 A.M. 84-15048L - Canelo, Thelma Jean (Michasel Kane, Walter Bower) vs. General Motors _ Assembly Div. (Own Risk, Mark Brown).

85-00048F - Satterfield, Roy E (Richard Bell) vs. Carbonex Coal Co. (Armco, Inc. _ Paul McGivern &/or Northwestern National).

84-16133K - Howes, Lester E, Jr. (Richard Bell, Dick Bell) vs. Seminole Company (American Home Assurance Co., K. (David) Roberts).

83-08017Y - Husten, R David (Richard Bell) vs. Radio Shack (CNA Insurance Company, Catherine Gatchell).

84-19396A - Lowery, Everett Louis (Jamie Pitts, Richard Weldon) vs. General Bottling Co. of Lawton (United States Fire Ins. Co., Harry Palmer, Jr.).

85-03762H - Leuty, Richard L (Jamie Pitts) vs. Ethan Allen Inc. (Zurich Insurance Co., Daniel Zorn).

84-00190K - Lott, Ronald E (Jamie Pitts) vs. Spec Indemnity Fund Only (William Cathey).

85-03581J - Miller, Larry Wayne (Paul Fernald, Ed Chapman) vs. Able Rents (Mid-Continent Casualty Co., Bertha Dodson).

84-19528H - McDonald, Bobby Joe (Bruce Stephenson) vs. Wills Welding & Construction (Mission Insurance Company, H. Carter).

BEFORE JUDGE LYNN 9:30 A.M. 85-02494A - Gehlert, Bobbie Faye (Fred Boettcher) vs. Continental Pipeline (Own Risk - John McCaleb, &/or State Ins Fund _ Michelin Hobbs).

84-05353H - Donnelly, Charles (Mike Lawter) vs. Spec Indemnity Fund Only (William Doty, Jr.)

76-07786R - Morrison, Peggy (Richard Bell) vs. Lake Hubert Minnesota Camps (Home Ins, Cynthia Shdeed).

84-07416A - Keeton, Mike (Richard Bell) vs. Oklahoma Dept of Public Safety (State Insurance Fund, William Cathey).

83-03311R - Saint, AC (Richard Bell) vs. Spec Indemnity Fund Only (William Cathey).

84-10051J - Rodgers, Joe H (John Loughlin) vs. Spec Indemnity Fund Only).

83-14642L - Sanders, Libby J (William Vassar) vs. City of Marlow (State Insurance Fund, Michelin Hobbs).

85-02519X - Hanks, Windel D (Richard Bell) vs. Centennial Contractors (Firemans Fund, William Robinson).

85-03764Q - Mulkey, Robert M (Jamie Pitts) vs. Ethan Allen Inc. (Zurich Insurance Co., Daniel Zorn).

85-03767F - Snead, Gary Douglas (No Atty _ Cert Notice, Jamie Pitts) vs. Ethan Allen Inc. (Zurich Insurance Co., Daniel Zorn).

85-01094R - Manley, Barbara T (John Estes) vs. Avon Products (American Motorist' Ins. Co., Henry Featherly).

85-09602A - Bedford, James E (James Taylor) vs. Pizza Inn (Ranger Insurance Co., Michael Carter).

85-00734F - Watson, Christie L (Jeff Dasovich) vs. Amcare (State Insurance Fund, Michelin Hobbs).

85-02334F - Lathery, Connie Jean (Don Wyatt) vs. Jan Frances Care Center (Travelers Indemnity Company, Tenal Cooley).

BEFORE JUDGE LIVINGSTON 9:30 A.M. 84-14932F - Cockerhan, Joyce (Mike Lawter) vs. …


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