Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Locations

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Locations

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OKLAHOMA NEW LOCATIONS Filed 8-16-85 ALFALFA COUNTY Pioneer Production Corp. 1-17 Means, 17-26N-11W, ne ne se, 2310fsl-2310fwl of SE 1/4 (L Lambert) 6400 Misener. El: 1221 GR.

BEAVER COUNTY Phillip F Beeler 1 Joy, 11-2N-26ECM, 1320fsl-1320fwl of SE 1/4 (Mocane-Laverne), 5800 Tonkawa. El: 2435 GR.

CLEVELAND COUNTY Fina Oil & Chemical Co. 1 Corr, 10-9N-1E, s 1/2 sw nw, 330fsl-660fwl of NW 1/4 (N Little Axe) 6500 Wilcox. El: 1166 GR.

CREEK COUNTY Dyne Exploration & Co. 1 White, 18-15N-9E, sw nw ne, 1650fsl-165fwl of NE 1/4 (Bristow) 2470 Red Fork. El: 856 GR.

Arrow Production Co. 1 Chisholm 12-1, 3-17N-9E, sw ne sw, 1930fsl-1780fwl of SW 1/4 (Bruce) 3000 Burgess. El: 928 GR.

Southern Operating Corp. 1 Slaybaugh, 9-18N-11E, se nw ne, 1650fsl-1155fwl of NE 1/4 (Sapulpa Dist) 2000 Dutcher. El: 813 GR.

Advance Energy Systems, Inc. 2 "B" Hoskins deSteiguer, 21-18N-12E, 495fsl-2165fwl of NW 1/4 (Glenn Pool) 1000 Skinner. El: 630 GR.

ELLIS COUNTY Landmark Exploration, Co 2-6 Dunn, 6-16N-23W, nw nw, 1650fsl-660fwl of NW 1/4 (S Peek) 8600 Tonkawa. El: 2240 GR.

Raydon Exploration, Inc. 1 K. Nine, 12-24N-26W, n 1/2 ne, 660fnl-1320fel of NE 1/4 (Mocane-Laverne) 6050 Tonkawa. El: 2323 GR.

GARVIN COUNTY Frank Walters 5 Cosden Derdeyn A cl, 8-1N-3W, se sw se, 330fsl-990fwl of SE 1/4 (Eola-Robberson) 1700 Robbertson.

Frank Walters 5 Cosden Derdeym A s-2, 8-1N-3W, ne se se, 990fsl-2475fwl of SE 1/4 (Eola-Robberson) 1700 Robberson.

Amoco Production Co 14 ENBMS, 12-1N-3W, nw ne nw, 2310fsl-1650fwl of NW 1/4 (Eola-Robberson) 10,600 McLish. El: 1033 GR. OWWO: OTD 11,450.

Tripledee Drilling Co. 1 Kiowa Bend Ranch, 14-3N-1E, se nw se, 1650fsl-990fwl of SE 1/4 (E Pauls Valley) 3200 Bromide. El: 870 GR.

Fina Oil & Chemical Co. 1 Jenson, 14-4N-1W, s 1/2 se sw, 330fsl-1980fwl of SW 1/4 (SW Paoli) 4700 2nd Bromide. El: 932 GR.

Anadarko Production Co. 1-35 Immohotichey "A", 35-4N-3W, ne sw sw, 860fsl-860fwl of SW 1/4 (Golden Trend) 8550 Bromide. El: 1075 est GR. …

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