Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD


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MORTGAGES Received 9-4-85 99825 - Warren F Southwell et ux to First NAtl Bk, $24,000, Lt8 B1 Earps Addn.

99859 - Henry Lee Milton to Administrator of Veterans Affairs $38,000, Lt13 B2 Alta Lawn Addn.

99862 - Harold W Colbert to Administrator of Veterans Affairs $59,500, Lt43 B49 College Park Addn.

99868 - Lanny A Gardner to Jimmie R Padgett, $8,705, Lt21 B4 Sochor Hillcrest Heights 2nd Addn.

99873 - Virginia Hargitt to C W Hoag, $41,282, Lt7 B30 Dougla Place Addn.

99875 - First Southern Baptist Church of Arcadia to Baptist Foundation of Okla, $30,000, Lt8 B11 Town of Arcadia.

99905 - Daisy Jane Higgins to Paul T Chan et ux, $8,200, Lt8 B3 Reeders Ann Arbor Addn.

99906 - Elizabeth Jean King to Mary C Gorton, $41,850, S2 Lt7 B2 Woodland Addn.

99908 - Frank C Lewis et ux to American Mtg, $67,450, Lt19 B22 Sec 6 Coronado Heights Addn.

99909 - Larry Kevin Webb et ux to American Mtg, $46,800, Lt6 B1 Cornetts Subd.

99910 - Robert Carl Douglas to Midfirst Mtg Co, $64,615, Lt22 B1 Warrs Better Built Homes Addn No 1.

99912 - Jackie Floyd Sanders et ux to Colonial Mtg Service, $59,950, Lt17 B5 Golden Oaks Addn.

99913 - Steven M Ward et ux to Okla Mtg Co, $75,566, Lt19 B1 Sandy Oaks Addn.

99914 - Arthur Ray Woodard et ux to Okla Mtg, $40,000, W2 Sec31 T12N R1W I.M.

99915 - Jerry K Orr et ux to Mutual Fed S & L, $380,000, Lt11 B4 Crestline Addn.

99916 - Lester O Hooge et ux to Talman Home Fed S & L Assoc, $28,233, Lt38 B3 Packinghouse View Addn.

99917 - Frederick T Stanin et ux to Citicorp Homeowners, $110,400, Lt10 B9 Winans Highland Terrace Addn.

99918 - Arnold C McGlasson et ux to Liberty Mtg, $49,900, Lt10 B3 Wilshire Blvd Addn.

99919 - Helen Herring to CTX Mtg, $55,500, Lt30 B2 Chisholm Lake Addn.

99920 - Roger Lee Knox et ux to First Security Mtg, $51,000, S2 Sec2 T11N R1E I.M.

99921 - Dana S Burnsides et ux to Norwest Mtg, $121,500, Lt13 B21 Summit Place I Addn.

99922 - Gerhard A Labay et ux to Mutual Fed S & L, $137,750, Lt88 Harndale Addn.

99923 - Melvin L Streeter et ux to American Home S & L, $30,633, Lt5 B1 North Country Estates Addn.

99924 - Terry Leon Taylor et ux to American He S & L, $25,565, Lt8 B25 Meadowlakes Addn.

99925 - Warren Denver Majors to Frontier Fed S & L, $59,350, Lt21 B1 Thomas Subd.

99926 - John A Brett et ux to Sooner Fed S & L, $60,000, Lt15 B25 Casady Hills 2nd Addn.

99927 - John L Lightner et ux to BancOklahoma Corp, $112,500, Lt19 B29 Sec 5 Greens Addn.

99928 - Joseph Robert Springer III et ux to Sooner Fed S & L, $1,012, Lt5 B12 Sec3 Lansbrook Addn.

99949 - Jack D Fudge et ux to Local Fed S & L, $124,000, SE4 Sec1 T12N R4W I.M.

99950 - James Michael Lanier to Allstate Ent Mtg Corp, $75,550, Lt5 B3 Westlake Addn.

99951 - Jonathan V Hufnagel et ux to Mtg Clearing Corp, $70,156, Lt3 B35 Rambling Acres Addn.

99952 - Ralph Homesley et ux to Federal S & L Assoc, $68,500, Lt1 B31 Rambling Acres Addn.

99953 - William C Winchell Jr et ux to Midfirst Mtg, $83,100, Lt34 B1 Lewallens Royal Oaks Addn.

99954 - Bryan L Watts et ux to Leadership Bk, $46,979, Lt4 B15 Sec 2 Lewallens Western Sands Addn.

99955 - Max Wray Hutton et ux to Territory S & L, $52,250, Lt1 B10 Ingleside Second Addn.

99956 - Neville Olton Comas et ux to commonwealth Mtg Corp, $49,490, Lt12 B3 Cullens Seventh Addn.

99957 - David E Hart et ux to Mtg Clearing Corp, $48,450, Lt27 B6 Country Hollow Section 2.

99958 - Ruth McLish et ux to Firstier Mtg Co, $35,550, Lt18 B4 Campbells South Edmond Addn.

99959 - Cynthia Kay Bennett to Mtg Clearing Corp, $70,750, Lt22 B1 Whispering Creek I Addn.

99960 - Hans Herman III et ux to West Central Financial Corp, $39,000, Lt17 B9 Douglas Place Addn.

99981 - T P Bonavida et ux to First Security Mtg, $75,900, Lt17 B1 Windmill Estates Addn. …

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