Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Cases before the District Court

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

New Cases before the District Court

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DIVORCE Filed 9-6-85

FD-85-6425 - William M Capps vs Marjorie B Capps; Larry A Morgan atty; assg Judge Henderson.

Filed 9-9-85

FD-85-6455 - Jacquelyn V. Kuhn vs James R. Kuhn; Tom Sullivan Sr atty; assg Judge Kelley.

Filed 9-12-85

FD-85-6583 - Ellen J Cox vs Lee H Cox; Jimmie J Schnorr (Bethany) atty; assg Judge Kelley.

FD-85-6585 - Karen Leah Swinimer vs Richard W Swinimer; pro se; assg Judge Kelley.

FD-85-6586 - Diamond M. Sinor vs Malcom J. Sinor; Don Grace atty; assg Judge Freeman.

FD-85-6588 - Kathleen P Sanner vs Cleve S Sanner; pro se; assg Judge Freeman.

FD-85-6591 - Robert Harry Patrice vs Juditha Patrice; David J. Bailey (MWC) atty; assg Judge Henderson.

FD-85-6598 - Teresa D. Seamon vs Sam M. Seamon; pro se; assg Judge Harney.

FD-85-6604 - In re the Marriage of Norma Harstad vs Gregory Harstad; County of Winnebago Illinois; assg Judge Harney.

FD-85-6605 - Terri Dawn Martindale vs Roy Martindale; William T. Brett atty; assg Judge Henderson.

FD-85-6606 - Linda J. Barry vs Kevin D. Barry; W. David Pardue atty; assg Judge Freeman.

FD-85-6607 - Janice G. Porter vs Jeffrey W. Porter; real est L27 B1 Amd Kingston Addn; Chris Rush atty; assg Judge Freeman.

FD-85-6608 - Wede E. Knuckles vs Gabriel E. Knuckles; Lewis Barber Jr atty; assg Judge Kelley.

FD-85-6609 - Verna B. Jacks vs Clarence (Buster) A. Jacks; real est L2 B1 Middle Hill Crest Green Addn; Eric H. Hermansen atty; assg Judge Kelley.

FD-85-6610 - Dept of Human Services.

FD-85-6611 - Stacey Darlene Childers vs Michael Floyd Childers; Greg Cunningham (Del City) atty; assg Judge Freeman. …

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