Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Kampf in 25th Year of Finding `Impossible' Insurance / Finds 5,000 Policies for over 500 Brokers, Including One for Evil Knievel

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Kampf in 25th Year of Finding `Impossible' Insurance / Finds 5,000 Policies for over 500 Brokers, Including One for Evil Knievel

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Remember Evil Knievel?

He was the daredevel who jumped rows of busses on a motorcycle, and once he jumped over a canyon. How would you like to write a life insurance policy on a guy with that occupation?

How about mercenary soldiers, headed for a place like Angola or Nicaragua? How about movie stars, such as Elizabeth Taylor, with the filming of a multi-million movie riding on her life over a shortterm?

Or how about people who have heart bypass surgery - about 150,000 a year? Then, there are millions of people who have ailments such as heart disease or diabetes.

These people are considered difficult and sometimes impossible risks, but they have often have families and businesses. They need life insurance.

Where do they go? What do they do?

Paul "Sol" Kampf is in this 25th year of answering those kinds of questions in Oklahoma City.

Kampf, a former pro and college football coach, operates the Kampf Agency, a general agency which has found more than 5,000 life insurance policies for more than 500 brokers all over the United States in difficult cases.

Walk into the Kampf Agency office at 6300 Classen Center, and you may well hear the tingle of a small music box playing "The Impossible Dream." It's no coincidence.

"That's our theme song," said Kampf. "Agents come to us when they have clients who are considered difficult or impossible risks for life insurance.

"We know about 14 companies which will provide certain kinds of insurance in certain cases. We know how to match up the right insurance company with the particular case, so we get involved in each one. We try to find companies to bid on each case."

All of the companies working with Kampf are rated A Excellent or A-plus Excellent - the highest rating an life company can receive.

"We make offers on nine of 10 cases that come our way after people give up on them," said Kampf. "Most people who have difficulty getting life insurance could be helped a good bit by knowing where to go for coverage and how to present it.

"That's where we come in."

Kampf actually once found insurance for 1,000 mercenary soldiers, but they turned down the offer.

However, he did find a policy for Evil Knievel.

"He had been turned down 38 times," said Kampf. "I found a company who offered him a policy, and he wanted me to shoot a round of golf with him for the premium."

Kampf personally handles about 100 cases a year, and he says it's remarkable the good things he finds out about people when he interviews them. He claims that merely filling out forms with general information is not enough to present a case in its best light.

The Kampf Agency accepts business from writing agents anywhere in the United States, or in the world for that matter.

New interest-sensitive universal life products, which are almost money market types of coverage, have been a bonanza for most people but even better for people with health problems, said Kampf.

"The reason," he said, "is that the higher interest rates help absorb some of the extra premiums which might be charged. Of all the difficult cases that come my way, at least one-third come out with standard offers with no extra premiums charged. …

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