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Microsoft Ships PC-Dos 4.0, Borland Releases Sidekick

Newspaper article THE JOURNAL RECORD

Microsoft Ships PC-Dos 4.0, Borland Releases Sidekick

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In early 1986 Microsoft will ship PC-DOS 4.0 that will facilitate multitasking.

PC-DOS 4.0 is expected to offer compatibility with Top View in that it will work with the same PIF files. PC-DOS 4.0 is also expected to support the Lotus/Intel expanded memory specification which allows addressing a memory above 640K.

- Sidekick is now available for the MacIntosh. Until recently Sidekick had been available only for IBM personal computers. The MacIntosh version is available for the 128K or 512K MacIntosh and can be installed on a hard disk. At $84.95 it will be priced slightly higher than the IBM PC version.

Unlike the IBM PC version, Borland International's MacIntosh version of Sidekick is said to allow the user to print or telecommunicate in the background while using the note pad in the foreground. It is also said to provide a phone log of incoming and outgoing calls. Borland is headquartered in Scotts Valley, Calif.

- Lotus' Jazz is imperfect because it lacks the capabilities of a macro programming language, according to several industry pundits. Tempo, available from Afinity Microsystems, provides macro capabilities for Macintosh programs. Tempo is said to be compatible with many MacIntosh programs, including Jazz, and allows a single keystroke to represent a long stringof commands.

Tempo offers the capability to pause to allow for data input while it executes. It also makes it possible to break on logical command and transfer information between unrelated programs. Programs such as these offer the capability to customize application programs for unsophisticated users.

- Berkley Unix is Number 1 in the opinion of many Berkley Unix users, among them this columnist. Berkley Unix is a set of extensions that fit on top of AT&T's Unix. It is used widely in the science and academic communities where it has become somewhat of an industry standard.

AT&T has announced that it is now working to make its Unix System 5, which is more widely used in business, more like Berkley Unix. This announcement indicates to me that AT&T is willing to bend over backwards to help standardize a version of Unix for both business and scientific uses.

- Confused about accounting software? It's no wonder. There are literally hundreds of accounting packages available.

Accounting software packages for the most part are similar in features and performance. One of the main reasons for this proliferation of accounting software is the ease at which they can be written on today's microcomputers with sophisticated languages now available to developers.

An epitomy of this confusion has to be a software package called Matchware, which is geared to consultants and computer dealers. …

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