2 Historic Apartment Buildings in Central City Getting New Life

Article excerpt

Two historic apartment buildings in central Oklahoma City - the Palo Duro building at 409 NW 11th St. and the Connor Buildi ng located across the street at 420 NW 11th - are getting new life with a $1.2 million two-phase renovation project currently under way, it has been announced.

Both facilities, used as apartment complexes for many years, are being revamped to serve the same purpose again - this time under the name of Heritage Apartments, which will consist of a total of 58 units.

Developer of the project is Heritage Housing Fund Limited Partnership, an Oklahoma limited partnership consisting of Oklahoma City businessman Larry V. Parman and Winchester Financial Corp., 401 W.Sheridan Ave.

The property was purchased from Columbia Capital Corp. in July by Heritage Housing Fund. According to Parman, remodeling has been under way for approximately two months.

When Columbia Capital acquired the two buildings in 1983, it was announced that they would be turned into office complexes.

However, the Palo Duro and Conner Buildings remained virtually unchanged for almost two years. Once the buildings were acquired by Heritage Housing, it was decided to renovate them into apartment units again.

Parman said it took a considerable amount of time to purchase the property because of problems with the titles and other complications which arose in the acquisition process.

Remodeling plans for the Palo Duro and Conner buildings were made by Oklahoma City architect Rick Spitz. The renovation work is being done by James Williams Construction Co. …


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